Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who is Julian Foxx????

So when i was down in Orlando Heartwork was telling me about this guy who pulled some girl from Mystery on video and has taught some stuff with Vin Dicarlo.

So I was obviously interested in seeing what was up. I'll let the video talk for itself...

Pretty interesting stuff. It doesn't necessarily mean anything, as Mystery may or may not have been interested in getting that girl, but Julian appears to have some definite skills and some major cajones...

I'm interested in seeing more from this guy.



  1. Just a douche in my books

  2. Never has anyone articulated the truth so well! My abs hurt from laughing so hard!

    Gangster video! I'm uploading it to the Sanctuary!


  3. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I'm interested in seeing your review of the flawless natural.

  4. Anonymous7:41 PM

    i'm no one to comment but I see a guy who has gained some new skills and is so in love with himself. He spends most of the video trying to take down the top guys. it is wierd, like Style says. he spends more time talking about Mystery than the girl he picked up. It's a lot of hot air. I've seen a video of Mystery leaning in on the opener of a supermodel he closed. If he is leaning in, it must me calibrated. He thinks we are all stupid. One big ego trip. Go fuck yourself. I'm not a hater, but I know BS when I see it.

  5. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Is that seriously that hard. If you didnt know who it was, you'd just go in all cocky, like you don't give a fuck. One or two amogs, and a back turn and some kino. And your gold.

  6. Anonymous10:07 PM

    "My vanishing act is pretty good."

    Hilarious, kid is funny in that video and Mys and Matador look like idiots.

  7. Anonymous4:48 AM

    A guy that wears a hat like mystery in a dark night club captured on a shaky, night vision camera is supposedly evidence?

    Color me sceptical.

  8. Anonymous4:51 AM

    not saying that i particularly like mystery, but to make yourself a name by lowering other big names in comparison to you is pretty low value and insecure.

    this video only proves one thing. foxx is now able to charge a looot more for a bootcamp with him. and that is why you, sinn, should have some serious infield videos out there as well.


  9. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I was in the club that night (Aspen). It was when VA was doing their "Mystery's Farewell Bootcamp" in NYC Bootcamp.
    This dude Julian was a promoter for the club and is pretty active in the NYC Lair. He also sat in on the Seminar portion of the bootcamp. I also recall there being a guy with a camera in the club next to Mystery. I thought it was for an upcoming in-field product. I guess it was one of Julian's guys.

  10. Anonymous11:34 AM

    The beginning of this video reminds me of the rocky movies where the new guy with a huge ego, AND a lot of talent, wants to make his name by trying to take down the champ. Though I can't say I like the new direction VA is taking, I still respect everything that mystery started and I think too many people forget that.

  11. Anyone believing that this Julian guy is a better PUA than Mystery just out of this clip, is just an AFC. Saying this, I'm thinking of a sentence I heard from DeAngelo; "out of all the woman in a club, perhaps only 30% of them are interested in meeting new people. And out of these 30%, maybe only 15% are friendly, and the rest is just not interested in you." There's a reason we say, win and lose with same sin. Every PUA will get shut down sometimes, even mPUAs like Mystery.

  12. Impressive marketing.

  13. Anonymous5:55 PM

    This guy is awesome! You'd think he taught Mystery! Wow! Here comes Foxx Method!

  14. I'm meeting this guy next weekend here in nyc,
    lets see what he's all about.

    The video shows sad reality of mystery, it is stagnant and hasn't progressed or evolved.
    I know its only a fuckin video but you have to have balls to go and challenge what people say is the
    "#1 best pua in the world".and then pull shit like that.

    magic trick part funny as hell!
    matador is clearly imitating mystery,monkey see monkey do.

    I'll see whats up with the guy.
    nice thing you put this up Sinn.

  15. Romanceisdead11:39 PM

    god...the "scene" is so gay.

    The only thing i will say is mystery at least a few years ago heavily advocated the "leaning in lowers your social value" "rule". Way to not practice what you preach.

    As you commenters, enough with the fucking idol worship. its pathetic, clean the semen off your chins and realize they are just guys who fail and succeed like the rest of us (although the thousands of hours infield does help their "ratio" as it would help anyone). There is no voodoo sithlord telekenesis, there no "pua mindmelt" and no one is setting their phasers to seduce.

    im sure your all cool people but holy shit if your looking for a semi legit cult away from RSD and possibly look into the hari krishna.

  16. Anonymous10:58 AM

    People need to get up off of Mystery's nuts. Seriously. If it wasn't for him, a lot of us wouldn't even be here in this community to know this attraction model we ALL have used. C'mon now... But as for the douche bag, I don't know.

  17. Briddick5:26 PM

    He could have planted her, told her to deny Mystery and 'act' natural while he gamed her and walked out with her. It's perfect marketing. Make the famous pick up artist appear inferior to you and your game. I'm skeptical.

  18. Anonymous5:33 PM

    this is easy... we have no idea if she's working for him.

  19. A Man1:51 PM

    Briddick ... exactly what I think.

    How can you prove that the girl is not planted? In any case I think Foxx is a good PUA -- from what I hear, though I've never seen him in the field.

    Mystery's leaning in with hands behind is back is an endeaing body language quirk of his, he does it all the time, but more as a "nod".

  20. Anonymous10:33 AM

    not enough video of Fox to make any kind of evaluation of his game.

    the video of Mystery was evidently taken so as to emphasis his worst moments.
    if the worst moments for the guy in a night is leaning in a few times - his game is just fine.

    not a bad video all around - entertaining and puts his name out there.

  21. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I remember standing next to Lovedrop as we watched Mystery do his bootcamp demonstration. He not only leaned in, he leaned way down over a girl who was nearly half his height and almost touched heads with her. So I ask Lovedrop, with a bit of surprise in my voice, "What stage is he in now?" Lovedrop: "He's in comfort..." Then Mystery starts running "attraction material". It was kindof funny.

  22. Heartwork11:05 PM

    I know Julian. He is a friend of mine.

    You can think what you want about the video but I will verify that the girl is not planted.

    Some PUAs actually do pull girls in the field...due to contrary belief ;)

  23. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Wow. Who's the 'jealous of tall guys' short guy who stated, leaning in hurts your game? I'm tall, NO girl, of value, is going to tip toe everytime she wants to talk to you. YOU are being an ASS if you don't accomodate her and meet her halfway.

    Next. Neil Strauss choking a bit? So. Check out his lousy performance on a european t.v. show where the amog host forces him to show some game. Neil is too NICE. He should have said, "absolutely not", or "what am I, your little monkey" and laughed. He's too NICE. He wasn't avoiding Julianns juvenile challenge, he couldn't give a damn about such things. He didn't want to say "NO" outright, because, he's too nice.

    Next. Mystery. The dude is kinda strange. But, I would LOVE for you to make a FORMAL 10 grand challenge to him, and let him prepare. THEN we'll see bro. Who knows? Maybe he literally couldn't give a shit to pu that night. Maybe he just didn't care. But, one thing is for sure, you were out to make him look as bad as you could. Which tells me about YOUR money from me idiot.

    Issue a 10 grand challenge. Let Mystery, who doesn't give a shit about PU anymore, get his chops back to shape....and THEN, we'll see bro.

    I've seen Lennox Lewis get out of shape and lose 2 title fights. He smartened up, trained, and killed the guys afterwards. See Klitchos face after Lewis was done with him?
    See Mike Tysons face after Lewis was done with him.

    Too easy bro. Plus, you're a Club Promoter? you could easily plant those girls. And walking out? So.
    Doesn't mean shit. Maybe you went to a restaurant.

    I think Mystery is wrong about a lot of things. I simply don't agree with a lot of what he says. But, I've seen him 3 feet in front of me when he was on his game. Hahahahahaha. Good Luck Julie.

  24. Maverick11:24 PM

    David DeAngelo, in "Deep Inner Game", rightfully suggested (I'm paraphrasing) that it is a LOT easier to sit on the sidelines and criticize the great than to be great.

    In the end, of course, the greats get all the rewards and the guy on the sidelines... not so much...

    By the way, since this video is obviously a work of propaganda, is there any proof that this promoter did not know the girl he "pulled" beforehand?

    Just curious...

  25. Anonymous5:28 PM

    "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."-Theodore Roosevelt

  26. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Uh.... yeah it is a promotional stunt. but julian is THAT good. Mystery has become stagnant. I have gone out in the field with julian many a time. I have even called him up on a friday and "ordered girls". I told him to bring me a hot brunette and he did along with a blonde for himself in about 45 minutes. we both hooked up that night and never left my apartment.

  27. Anonymous1:37 AM

    If Foxx is so good at seduction why does this video make him look so bad? So smug, so unfair, so full of himself? Wasn't the point to make himself look good? And his site says he teaches "inner game", of all things. Good idea: to learn inner game from someone who's not an emotional grown-up.

  28. I'm not an enormous advocate of either guy, but foxx will punish mystery in just about any setting. And 4 u guys who've never heard of him he's actually been around a while just more on the natural side of things. He runs with vin dicarlo and sebastian drake and those fellas.

  29. ScottW6:38 PM

    The intense anger I'm picking up from many of these posts could only come from guys who don't spend much time in the field. I agree wholeheartedly with the anonymous person who quoted Teddy Roosevelt about critics versus doers. Instead of tearing down those who have at least contributed to the brotherhood by offering tactics and insights to counter women's wiles, why don't you get your asses out there and meet some chicks. Getting laid does wonders for the attitude.

  30. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I can't lie, sometimes its easy to get sucked into the keyboard jockey mode, but definitely the best lessons come from the field. For people not actually deciding which bootcamp to take, all this arguing about who's method is the best is pretty pointless. If you're method of choice is so great, just go in the field and get some hotties for yourself. What's the point about arguing who's better and who's the original guru?

    If you actually read through the various PUA gurus materials, much of the basic techniques such as giving attention to the girl as she earns it, smiling on approach, and opening a lot of sets is pretty much the same. Open first and ask questions last.