Friday, July 04, 2008

To spit roast or not to spit roast...

Here's an interesting question, most guys in the community seem to have at least a passing interest in threesomes. But the more I meet guys the more I realize that there's also a lot of spit roasts or halfsomes happening as well.

To clarify a spit roast or half some occurs when two guys have sex with the same girl at the same time. SInce I've never had one nor want to, I always imagine they happen like this:

Dude # 1: Hey Bro, that chick you were talking to was hot.
Dude # 2: Yeah she is pretty hot.
D1: We should double team her. I wanna watch you fuck.
D2: Yeah! Spit Roast!
Or something similar to that. I had a talk with an instructor at Love Systems whose forte is the spit roast, and I told him that while I respect it(especially as a same night thing, cuz it's super gangster to tell some chick to fuck you and suck your boy's dick at the same time), it's not for me. He replied that it was just so dirty he loved it.

So what is the consensus Sinn's Of Attraction readers?

To spit or not to spit?

Is it nobler in the mind to rail some chick while your buddy busts a load in her mouth or is it better to listen to the jeers of those who do spit roast calling us homophobic. I am firmly(non-judgementally) in the anti spit roast camp.

Where Are you?


P.S I should for the record add that the only circumstances in which I would do a spit roast would be if the chick wore a hawaiian lei(Lai?) and danced around to luau music. That's different. that's performance art:)


  1. Xander3:35 PM

    I feel the same way about spit roasting (or Chinese Fingercuffing if you are west of the Mississippi) as I do about bungee jumping or any Adam Sandler movie after Billy Madison... The idea seems pretty cool but the reality of the situation is too repulsive / frightening to go through with.

    I think the more interesting question is who gets to choose which end? Is it a coin flip? A Roshambo? Or is it like calling "shotgun" whereby the first person to see it can call it?

  2. Hi Sinn, For me Definately not to spit roast.

    Dude In Brasil,the concept of the spit roast, it defines that always there is one of guys are bi-curious acceptability.

    You watch porn you see the buds go at it.
    I think thats where the porn hanshake was born.

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    For me the main question would be: is everyone STDs free? If yes, I would give it a try. We only live once and why not experiment with something new and different. For the same reason and under the same conditions I would like to take part in an orgy.

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    One of my friends growing up tried to pull me into that with his female roomate once over dinner at their house. They tried to pull me in. He was already fucking her. I turned it down on the spot. I'm glad I did.

    It's an easy way for a guy to get laid cause I think almost all girls would do it if they had a chance. More so than having sex with just one guy.

  5. Anonymous4:47 PM

    How about one in the pink and one in the stick?

  6. I think it was Dave Chappelle that did a one dick per fantasy routine and I prefer to have my girls that way as well. I've had the opportunity to spit roast girls on several different occasions and chosen to pass each time. The whole thing just isn't for me. I'm not homophobic in the least, I just don't really enjoy the site of another dudes dick while I'm getting off.

  7. Anonymous8:37 PM

    your all sick man......

  8. I've never heard the term spit roast before, but I've done a chick with my buddy once. It was okay, not too weird or anything, and actually it was pretty cool because she got off majorly. I mean, if you've seen your buddy's pecker, what's the big deal?

  9. if you give high fives while spit roasting, its called london bridges

  10. if you give a high ten wile doing the so called spit roast it can be called the london bridges

  11. Homophobic asshole9:16 AM

    Hell no!

    One girl even suggested it to me and I lost it there... literally. She said she was kidding... it was part of the crazy roleplay that night... but, I'm pretty sure she'd want that.

    Eww... no...

    By the way, I'm no homophobic at all, but my friend (who actually likes it) won't take his words back until I say something along the lines of: "You're right... I'll give it a shot".

  12. Anonymous2:02 PM

    not yet.
    don't feel ready to share sex with someone of the same sex. Maybe when I'm older, tried heaps of stuff, and looking for new experiences.

    Although the idea repulses me a bit at the moment.

  13. I'm down with running the train/The Eiffel Tower/Making her air tight etc..

    It has nothing to do with watching my bro fuck her. It's that it's such a dirty nasty thing for her to do that it's fucking awesome. The filthier the act the more turned on I get. I make a point to not watch my bro though or it does get a little strange and can cause me to lose my hard-on.

  14. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Not spit roasting for me, a menage a trois with 2 women, sure, but in my opinion to do a spit roast you're probably closet gay or bi.

  15. Uh no, if you're spit roasting, you're definitely NOT gay. Let's keep in mind that you're still fucking a CHICK. In my mind, this isn't much different from fucking your chick in a hotel room while your buddy is in the other bed doing his girl. Really, it's just a comfort level thing. Seriously, who's getting squeamish at seeing a dude's junk? It's not a big deal.

  16. Anonymous9:01 PM

    It's pretty awesome, everyone should give it a go.

  17. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Is it a spit roast if it's with 2 dudes? Yummy

  18. Quills9:51 AM

    I've done it, but it was by accident and with a whore in Juarez, Mexico. If you ever go, there's a place called the pink lady. Tell any taxi and they will know...

    This was a long time ago before I joined the community.

    Would I do it again? Under the following circumstances: I would have to never see the guy and girl again after it was finished.

  19. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Damn, this is a hot topic, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to comment on this, including myself, lol. I'm for it, as long as the other guy's cool and is clean. I've done this on several occasions, I think it's a turn on to see a woman get dirty like that, however I've done it only when the woman wanted it, I'm not going to set it up or seek it out, if I'm getting sex 1 on 1 already I'm not inviting another guy, but if I'm approached with it sure.

  20. I've done it a couple times... mainly for the story of it.

    I didnt really like it.. and once since then tried but couldn't get hard with my buddy in the room.

    The one enjoyable time was with a girl me and my friend worked with... it was a late night drunk thing... this girl seemed like such a good girl.. then insinuated that she wanted to do both of us... so we did her.

    The whole turn of it was how dirty this seemingly "good" girl turned out to be. I mean she was glowing with desire... it was surreal to see her transform in front of us.

    The actual act of doing it didn't live up to the turn on of her begging for it.

  21. I've done it once. Its really only wierd if you make it wierd. It wasnt really that bad. One of us would sit on the couch getting head while the other fucked her from behind. Then we would switch and do stuff like that.

  22. Anonymous2:30 PM

    my co-worker wants me to pick up a chick so he can do this...

    ugh. no thanks!

    ...maybe if it was a legit 10 and she wanted to be fucked by me and my roommate. thats all i would do.

  23. I adhere to the "one dick in the room" policy.

  24. Anonymous1:14 AM

    It ain't called The Devil's Threeway for nothing!

  25. I was in Tunica, MS a couple years ago with 2 of my best friends for a weekend of gambling goodness. We stopped by a strip club the first night and all of us pulled. We only had 2 hotel rooms, so 2 of us had to pair up in one room. All I can say is it didn't feel gay or bi at all. My friend's girl went into the shower and he hopped over and she went straight to work. (We went for the high five to complete the Eiffel Tower of wrongness) It was hilarious and she seemed to be enjoying herself. Maybe it would have felt different if it weren't someone I know so well, and I'm pretty sure I would never have one as a planned activity, but spur of the moment with some drinks, some weed, a couple hot girls and a shortage of available rooms and you've got yourself some good clean fun.

  26. Meerkat8:41 AM

    Has anyone tried buttsecks during a pig roast? thoughts?

  27. Guilty.

    As Snoop Dog once said...

    It ain't fun unless your homie can have some.

  28. Yes.

    Yes I would.
    It's funny because I was discussing this with a male friend of mine on the 4th as well. I winged him into getting this bangin' hot chick, but at the end of the night she was flirting with me too. I texted him "Dude, I think she'd totally be a girl for a spitroast. No joke." But he took it as a joke anyway. Some people are just not comfortable with double-teaming a girl with your best friend I guess!

    I also hope he never reads this, hahaha.

  29. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Me and my buddy roommate double-banged this chick a few times, pretty much every way imaginable except she wouldn't take it up the a$$. She totally got off on double vag though. There wasn't anything "gay" about it. In fact you pretty much have to try to block the other dude's cock out of your mind. But the draw, the appeal, is that the chick gets *SO* freaking turned on it's like a completely surreal unimaginably intense experience for her, and by association some of that intensity rubs off on you. Picture it from her perspective and you'll understand. Not something I'd do all the time but definitely something I'll never forget.

  30. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Haha I would never. The change of STDs would be more then enough. It's one thing to get a STD from a hot chick, but from a fucking dude? No thanks

  31. Anonymous5:26 AM