Monday, July 14, 2008

Sinn's 10 commandments of plowing

Hola PUAS,

There was a discussion on one of the forums about plowing and one of the guys seemed to think plowing consisted of being pushy and telling the girl to come over against her wishes. Not so much. So I decided to regulate like Warren G.

I also decided to publicly share the 10 commandments of plowing I teach on my bootcamps.

First let me say; Plowing is very overrated.

Most of the time we recommend it to students just as an exercise in social pressure. If you're going to plow you def want to avoid being pushy and needy.

If you're going to insist on plowing here's Sinn's 10 commandments of plowing.

1. Do: Smile. You'd be suprised how many guys sit there and keep talking completely stone faced even as their teasing girls or telling a supposedly interesting story.

2. Don't: Be rude, try to AMOG a guy while plowing, or throw out of left field negs. Plowing is in and of itself a fairly rude act. You're forcefully taking up the time of people who don't really want to talk to you. So don't compound this by being rude. Once you've hit the point that you need to plow, your social value is low enough that it would be like a bum negging them.

3. Do: Keep it positive. If you can stay positive, you don't have to be interesting. It's very hard for people to be rude to someone who hasn't done anything wrong. The reason for this is a concept called cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the process we go through to align our behaviors with what we perceive to be our character. Most people don't want to think of themselves as rude people. However if you break any social convention, bore them, or are rude. They can treat you badly with no repurcussions as YOU did something wrong and their not rude, you were creepy, boring, rude etc..

4. Don't: Keep stacking attraction material. This comes down to being flexible. If the attraction stuff isn't working. Try going for rapport. Yes I know that you read attraction comes before rapport and you're scared to ask people questions because you might lose value. Guess what? You're already in damage control and you might find a commonality that turns the set around.

5. Do: Ask questions to keep them engaged in what you're saying. These are called " check ins" by various gurus. The idea is to say something that allows them to contribute but doesn't derail what you're saying. Something like " Has that ever happened to you?" or " You know what I'm saying"

6. Don't: Tell long stories that require a lot of attention. They're not that into you so they're not gonna pay attention.

7. Do: Try to make them laugh. Humor fixes almost everything.

8. Don't: Acknowledge the situation. You have to act like you guys are all friends and they are really into talking to you. Don't bring up the idea that they don't want you there.

9. Do: Try to win over the person who seems most likely to like you. This is usually a dude or a less attractive girl. All you need is ONE person in the group to think you're cool and you can use that as leverage to make everyone like you. Think of it as social proof inside the set.

10.Don't: Plow for more than 10 mins. If they haven't opened up by 10 mins in you're probably in a 25 minute to nowhere set. Remember there are girls out who will like you. Don't waste too much time trying to win over the ones who don't.

If none of this works, you can always go game other girls in front of this set and then come back in an hour or so. If you didn't break any of the dos and don'ts it's likely the interaction will go better when you re-open. It could be alcohol, the other guys that talked to them being lame or whatever but a lot of good things come from reapproaching cold groups.

Use this list to avoid being the annoying guy who won't leave or stop talking to us :)




  1. Oh my daze! this is like the best post! of all time!. Yeah People talk about plowing but not in such detail.....

    see in the past
    4 Months I’ve been trying to figure this stuff out, aswell as using your theory of baiting and investment….and I’ve figured out most them on my own...…..I guess I should of just asked you a long time ago…...that would have saved a lot of time....i'm pretty exasperated! right now

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Thanks, Sinn, but how does this relate to the old "blow me or blow me out" attitude from BradP. I recall you used to be a fan of that approach...

  3. broken dreams6:48 PM

    sinn this is sick totally sick!

  4. sandro5:21 AM

    awesom post after last night sargin i needed to read this. I found my SNL venue YEAH!
    This is awesome stuff Sinn