Monday, July 28, 2008

Emergency Reports (ER)

So this past weekend myself, and Entropy as well as Psych and Heartwork all had pulls wrecked when in the last moment, E.R.

An ER is anything that goes horribly wrong at the most improbable time. For me it happened Fri night when Entropy and I pulled a 4 set. On the surface this should have been really easy. 3 girls, 3 guys, all of us coupled up and making out. Then the guy starts being a complete tool. I try breaking us up into groups by saying “ Ok, me and her ar going here, you go with Entropy, you go with random douchebag, ok!”. That almost worked. Finally my girl and I go to her car and her friends take Entropy and go on their way to what I think will be Entropy’s hotel.

My girl and I arrive at my hotel and as we’re hooking up,, my phone is blowing up. I ignore it, until the room phone rings and Entropy and the other 3 have shown up. My girl freaks out and starts crying. The girl Entropy is with is being a bitch, the guy’s being a douche. Finally Entropy tells them it was nice to meet them and they leave.

Which is where the story gets really interesting. Entropy starts to tell me about the car ride. Apparently once they get in the driver girl( who had been making out with the douchebag) asked him if he had any kids. Then she proceeds tot start telling him about how random sex can be dangerous, because she had random sex once and now she has a kid…. It went on like that for the whole car ride.

Psych and Heartwork had pulled a big group of Asian girls when E.R….

So I want to officially start using this in my reports and now it’s explained. Dealing with ERs is really important because pulls are RARELY if ever easy. And most guys just assume you ask the girl to leave and she instantly says yes and you go. At some point I’ll expand on t he variety of E.Rs and ways to get around them.


P.S Full review of the Under 21 summit is coming this week with video.


  1. can't we just say "Aw shit, some shit happened..."

  2. Whoa *It makes sense. intersteing like to hear more about ER. I get it and I plow they leave and Im not sure if its me or them. Nice to be able to understande it better. thanks.

  3. The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with ER is that "It's NOT a big deal". Just seriously remind yourself "it's no big deal" and it'll really help prevent ER.

  4. Anonymous11:24 PM

    This guy is the originator of The Circle Of Oi, wait for it, wait for it, the last scene especially, LOL.