Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hanging with the Pick up community's Beckham and Posh

Hey guys,

Been super busy finalizing things for the LR book and preparing my speech for the under 21 convention. But yesterday I got to spend some time with two of my favorite people in the community AFC Adam and his girlfriend/co-trainer Amanda.

Adam is bar none one of the best guys I've ever seen in the community, but more importantly than that he's an innovator. Adam is famous for his " Break rapport/Build attraction" system, which I've seen more than a few people teaching knock off copies of. Yesterday was particularly interesting because Adam explained where his particular ideas on game came from. Adam discussed how he breaks down systems and showed me how he's done it on everything from Magic the Gathering games to Tekken 3, and 5, to game. Adam's stuff is really great and as I was listening to him explain the dominant strategy for Prisoner's Dilemas, I got why he games the way he does. It's a way of breaking the system of attraction. It's cheating :) And I've seen it work.

We also got to record some cool stuff for USAPUA.TV which is an awesome site that's going to have a ton of FREE video content. I interviewed Adam and Amanda for my upcoming as of yet untitled thing on staying happy in the game... I interviewed Brad P for the same thing about a week ago and I'm getting excited for whatever it will be...

Finally we ended up going to Texas De Brazil which is amazing and has all you a delicious array of various meats. Sooo good, but I ended up in a food coma that HB Liz Lemmon one of my FBS had to talk me out of.

Good times,



  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Yeah Adam is wicked. i REALY LIKE HIS ATRACTION FORMULA. It is realy simple and adaptive. you can use it 90% of the time. It is also realy easy to whene yourself of routines with this one.

  2. sandro1:01 PM

    Sinn its awesome to see that a master like you doesnt stop learning from others. and giving Props!
    Churasco and feijoada porcao are the BEST!