Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Under 21 Convention

Ok here's my recap from the Under 21 Convention...

So I flew down Thurs night and was planning on meeting up with El Topo and Fidelio, but Fidelio's phone was dead... So I ended up heading out alone to the Church and Orange area. I did quite a few sets and ended up getting bounced to Dragon Room by a really hot two set, but I lost them to dancing :(

The seminar started for me on Fri as I was speaking right after Dream, and before Ratisse. AFC Adam actually showed up right before my talk with his awesome girlfriend and being the geeks we are, we played with the light saber download app for our iphones. So pretty much any idea that I'm cool was quickly dissipated by that display :) Then I spoke and introduced my new model, which I believe is the first cyclical model in the community. I also explained some stuff on frames, broke down my new three levels of comfort stuff, did a Q and A, and more. Then we had a lunch break and I got to hang out with Heartwork, Manwhore, Psych, and Ratisse. All awesome guys. When we came back from lunch I got to watch Adam speak and he was awesome as always he shared some new stuff that his girlfriend worked on with him and overall gave a great presentation. El Topo was supposed to go on after him originally in the line up and he was very glad he didn't have to follow it.

That night Doc Holliday and Entropy arrived. Which was special because it was Doc's birthday. His 21st birthday. And he doesn't really drink, and he's short. So Entropy and I decide it's a good idea to try to get him to drink 21 shots. This started out at Dragon Room and spilled all over the streets of downtown Orlando and into Ibar. The highlights included me lifting Doc up and carrying him into sets. All of us running around trying to do Australian or English accents and really just practicing an indeterminate accent, me laying in wait for Doc with the fattest girl in the club, ready to pounce on him and block him in the booth with her, and making tons of borderline incoherent (but funny to us) videos.

The next day I saw some of the speakers but was mostly nursing an AWFUL hangover so I wasn't in the best of moods... I did get to see Mehow's presentation, which I really liked as well as Manwhore's which was also awesome. And I got to see Doc Holliday and Entropy speak during El Topo's presentation. El topo is always awesome, but seemed particularly "On" that day in terms of his weird off the cuff remarks. I was actively trying to hear what he was going to come up with next.

Then the next night we came with an idea called the circle of Oui. Here's some of the video we've done so far...

We've got the best ones coming up soon...

Then Speer and I drove down to Miami and Doc got laid.

You can check out Doc, and Entropy's experiences DOC


Other than that, I had a blast and met some great people. Good times. Except for the hang over!

Got some videos Speer and I on the way too with some of the craziness we've been in down here.



  1. Get the latest update to the light saber app. They added a new feature....more geeky fun!

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Props on your speech, made me look at my own stuff in a whole new light.

    Good meeting you, if your in Sweden hit me up....enough blond women here for everyone.


  3. CaptinAmerica9:44 AM

    Let see some of the circle of Oui in use :) Funny stuff man sounds like you guys had a blast!


  4. Hey big thanks for coming out. Rock solid presentation, you're welcome back for 2009.

    Check out my full write up with pics at

    Also are you getting my e-mails? If so let me know what you think about the watermark sponsorship option, if not please check your spam inbox.

    Thanks again for heading out this year


    ps-I have you linked from my blog. A link back would be cool, if not no harm done, your link stays up

  5. Sexual Chocolate12:53 AM

    I knew I should have f'ing took my ass to Orlando.