Wednesday, July 02, 2008

LR: She did what?????

" What's your funniest pull story?"

This question is often asked to me, be it at bootcamps, or summits, whatever... And I never had a great answer. Future had the story about banging this guy's wife at a pool party. El Topo has a variety of hysterical and gross things that have happened to him. Captain Jack blew up a car. But I didn't really have any funny pull stories. Until now.

Let's rewind a week or so. I'm out with Moxie and we hit one of my favorite venues. The 6 weeks with Moxie were great. We developed an entirely new system for attraction and opening that uses social pressure and ballsiness to get attraction instantly. It's awesome. We also decided to only game the hottest girls and came up with a great idea to do this. ( I'll post about that later if reminded) So we're out in the middle of this sea of game when I spot a girl with huge boobs in a corset. I open her by saying she's tall then when she looks at me weird I say " I point out the obvious, it's kinda my thing." She responds really well and I put my arm around her and start some role play about taking her on a date. To The Sizzler. Notice THE Sizzler not Sizzler. I tell her she can have anything she wants. Even the $6 steak. Her arm comes back around me and she looks at me in the it's on way. I push her away cause it's early and Moxie and I are in the club. We have to get our groove on...

A few more sets and then I see Corset girl with a hottie obstacle. I tell Moxie we're gonna pull this two set. I go back in and start flirting with her. I tell her I'm gonna hit on her if she can tell me something cool about herself. She whispers " I give really good head". I hear it and push her away. " Get your mind outta the gutter" She goes I didn't think you'd hear that. I inform her that I hear like a Hawk :)

Movement being the key to same night lays I move her outside from the booth we were sitting in. Guys always ask me what to say to move or isolate. The key is just having a reason and not asking permission. I say it's loud let's go outside. Then I lead her away. Now while we're out there some guy the obstacle knows shows up and we will call him The Octupus. Though I should mention that he did cause the funniest part of the night and didn't stop me from getting laid. So thanks for the memories Octupus.

The set rejoins and I start doing some sexcalation. I tell her she has no idea what I want to do to her. It hooks and she asks what. Then I do a bunch of dirty talk with releases. Then a weird thing happens where we have a very logical conversation about what we're going to do sexually when we get out of here. I invite everyone back to my place and we wait for an hour for the valet before my girl drives us back to my place.

When we get in I put some family guy on, get the Octupus and obstacle comfortable and then pull my girl into my room. Everything is going normal and I actually think I hear the obstacle and Octupus banging. I go out to the living room and see the Octupus and he says the obstacle is gone. She said she was going to get something out of the car. That was 30 minutes ago. I tell my girl and we get dressed to go find her friend. We get down to the garage to discover that her friend stole her car.

Turns out the girls work together at concert venue, and they don't really know each other that well. Plus her cell phone was in the car. So I try to loan her money to get a cab but eventually she ends up giving me the money back and walking to her house.

I talked to her yesterday and it turns out that the obstacle brought her car back to my apts parking complex the next day...

The best part happens when Moxie comes back to my place after everyone has left and ask me what happened. I tell him the obstacle stole the car. He responds " She did what?" Which truly validated that this is a great story.

Does anyone else have something that happened to them while pulling that's equal to the obstacle stealing the car?



  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    "the obstacle stole the car" would make a great T-shirt. then when girls ask you about it's enigmatic meaning you can just be like "shut up what's your name?"

  2. HAHAHAHA, how about having 2 drunk girls drive from SD to LA in less than 2 hours? Oh and she rear ends a lady, and then we drive her car into a horse ranch where her car get hit like a mother by boulders underneath. OH and then only giving her and her friend about 4 dollars of gas to get back home, after getting domed up and laid in the park!!


  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    fucking hilarious dude!

  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    YOu people are all sick

  5. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Owesome men...

  6. I had an alkie chick steal my $300 watch one night and pawn it off, presumably to buy more alcohol. I was pretty pissed about that one.

  7. I took a girl out, then was bringing her back to her place when her crazed ex boyfriend tried to start shit. So I ran him over with my car. The sex was awesome.

  8. This is a great new technique to get rid of an obstacle man.

    Just leave car keys in any visible place and they're gone. :P

  9. This is a great new technique to get rid of an obstacles man.

    Just leave a car keys in any visible place and they're gone.

    Awesome :P