Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Alex parody video

Hey guys,

I had a bunch of fun this weekend at the Under 21 Convention, and me and Psych made a bunch of little fun videos as we were wandering around downtown Orlando getting Doc Holliday ridiculously drunk at his 21st( Happy B-day Doc).

One of them was a tribute to the Alex video :

All in good fun. Massive props to RSD and Alex for all they do.

We have a bunch of fun videos we'll be releasing soon on youtube. I hope no one takes them as "disses" but this is the community :)




  1. haha, crazy shit! I totally lost you after you said "OI!" what did you say?

  2. Oh wait I got it now!

    "OI! You mingers are hot!"

    haha crazy shit!

  3. Anonymous3:29 AM


    You forgot the "I'm very famous" part.

    Fun times!

  4. Anonymous3:44 AM

    dude, you gotta work on your "eye language"!! that uber weirdo mehow next to you seems more calm and centered. your head is constantly seeking for reactions on your jokes n stuff.

    anyway the parody is hilarious!!!

  5. hahaha funny shit! nimbussss! ;)

  6. Lol. I just got banned from RSD nation for posting one of your videos with Mehow and Speer:


    “You have been banned for the following reason:
    Spamming Real Social Dynamics Nation

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Dude your nimbus was raging. I heard on a $600 DVD set and in forum posts that that's all you need. That should have worked! ;)