Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Results from July...

Every one of us won in some way this month.

El topo won the overall title with 9 NEW lays. a few SNLs and a lot of converting when he had the chance. I have never been prouder of a student and he is proof that if you work hard at this and MAKE CHANGES, you will get results. I hate him though.

Captain Jack won the same night lay title with 6 SNLs this month... and 7 overall lays. I've already said everything about CJ I can without having to change my sexual orientation.

I had the hottest girl of the month and 5 other new lays and a blowjob. I pulled 4 other times to LMR... which is the one consistent sticking point I always have. Except I realized this month that i only get LMR when I stop gaming in comfort. As soon as I fixed that i closed on Sunday on an 1.5 hr day2.

22 total girls closed... Insanity. Someone should be documenting the next few months, especially since we have just started the process of aquiring a project house in an amazingly target rich environment...

Life is about to get more interesting.



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  2. I am posting this comment here as it is the latest post you wrote.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank You. I just met the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life and I got her.

    I have always wondered if in the case of me meeting a HOT MODEL (My ideal woman) would I be able to attract, meet and get her?

    Today I proved that I could. The logistics where VERY BAD to make a Full close out of it. But I did do EXTREMELY well.

    And most of it is thanks to information I got from you in the interview series.

    Credit also to Future, TenMagnet and of course the guy that started all of this, Mystery.

    If you are in any ways interested of reading the 16 or more pages of Field Report I just posted then you can find it in


  3. Mad impresive, man. Project Dallas? Moms...dads...lock up your daughters!

  4. That's good to hear xtreeme. Always good for aspiring PUAs such as myself to hear these success stories.

  5. This is unreal, congrats guys!