Friday, August 17, 2007

Ordeal pt 2...

PT 2 of the ordeal:

So we are at the girls place and they keep regulating each other’s buying temperature, and they are talking CONSTANTLY. Here I make a mistake, because I am on the couch with my girl and it’s her place. I should have told her that I wanted to see her room, but I don’t I black on my on piece of material and instead we are not able to split them…

We’re talking about esoteric bullshit and I keep doing sexual IOIs, but we are not getting anywhere… CJ is pulling out all the big guns, Discovery Channel, Cosmo routine, …. And as he’s trying to pull her out to the patio, my girl jumps into the conversation again… Even better they start talking about the Scottish chode and other guys they are interested in. I try to cut the thread. No go. I put on Monkey No go…

Finally they decide they are going to get food and we bounce.

Now the fun really gets started.. It’s 4 Am and my tire blow out on the freeway.. I’m not even sure what’s going on, but I know that my car is shaking like it’s in one of those paint mixers, I pull over and my tire is blown the fuck out… fuck.

I call triple A and their system is down so they can’t dispatch anyone, I call 3 tow companies and no one can help me… I honk as a flat bed truck comes by and he stops, but he has to go to pick up a Dallas PD call… I call more places. No gos. It’s like 100 degrees with a ton of humidity and we’re stuck on the side of the road. Pus I’m worried that we’re gonna get hit as we are right on the white line of the right hand lane…

The guy who stopped to help us comes back, but he has a truck on his bed and has to go a half hour away… Finally I get through to a tow company and 45 minutes later I get a call… The truck had missed me and driven further down the road.

He comes back 20 minutes later and of course I’m missing the hook to tow my car. He says he hopes he has one with him, I’m already imagining him not having it and it’s 5:30 AM at this point. Did I mention I have a flight in 5 hours.. Luckily he has the hook and we’re off. I’m not wearing shoes, as I had my new rocks on and they were way too uncomfortable at this point. And on the floor of this truck is glass… Now I have glass in my foot, I didn’t get laid and I’m gonna owe $ 105 plus a BMW tire when I get back from LA… Awesome. So it can’t get worse right? Oh but then my emergency flashers wont turn off so we leave them at 6:30 Am and go to walgreens for comfort food…

I watch an episode of scrubs and pass out to wake up to the cab driver being outside my building and me falling asleep on the way to the airport.

It’s actually funny looking back on it.



  1. Welsh_Dragon2:49 PM

    Why is the Scottish guy a chode?

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Sorry dude but i'm laughing my ass off!!!

  3. lol, you're a trooper, can't nobody hoed you down Sinn

  4. Anonymous5:13 AM

    haha.....absolutely awesome!!

    but could there really be a 2set on this planet not being smoothly closed by cj&sinn??? you gotta work on that one!

  5. Anonymous9:11 AM

    wtf? i AM the scottish chode guy!!

  6. Damn man, the life you live is amazing. I could easily see you writing a book about it.

  7. WelshDragon10:48 AM

    Truth is the Yanks just don't like that our accents juice up their ladies. hahahah

  8. Anonymous1:57 PM

    fantastic report! pick-up is never about the result but the journey :-D

    sinn, i would love to read a daygame FR from you one day! that'd be awesome! would you mind keeping this in mind?

  9. You gotta be careful with those 19 inch wheels!