Saturday, August 11, 2007

Types of game and archetypes for success in each one...

There are a ton of different types of game and different types of guys who can and do succeed in each of them.

It's my opinion, that game is not one size fits all, and in order to reach a maximum level of success, you need to figure out what you are trying to get(Outcome) then implement a plan, then start with the baby steps of the plan.

The big differences start off in the BIG three categories.

Cold approach- This means that you go out by yourself, or with a male wing. No peacocking, no friends on the inside of the venue, no social proof. Just you.

Warm approach- This means you have started to put things in your favor, you may have women with you, you may be friends with the bartenders, promoters, etc... You may have befriended some of the regulars and girl groups.

Hot approach- Hot approach means that before you open your mouth to speak to a woman you are attracted to, she knows something positive about you. This doesn't mean you have to be a celebrity, but you should be actively working to filter your venues so that you can be playing hot game.

Now in addition to these major categories, there are sub categories. Here's a partial and still in the works list, along with the archetypes that work best with these games:

Date game: This involves going out, getting phone #s and setting up dates and then following up. This game is best suited for most people, as they have jobs where they have to be up early in the morning or they don't live in a part of town in close proximity to the venues they will be going to. This type of game requires you to have built a solid and lasting connection with the girl, so that she will answer your calls and have a reason to see you again. It also requires a bit of phone and or text game to keep things rolling after you set up a date... The Don is a great example of a guy who's awesome at Date game.

Same night game- I differentiate Same night lays from One nights stands, as Same night lays can and do lead to relationships when you have the proper skillset. SNLs to me are the highest test of your game, as you need to be able to go from meet to sex in a SUPER short time frame while handling obstacles distractions and interrupts. Captain Jack is the guy for SNLs, he's the one I learned all my SNL stuff with and from...

Falling in love game- AKA breakthrough comfort game. This is where you make the girl fall in love with you and head like a star rocket in flight toward a relationship. This requires a lot of time and energy as well as the ability to manage relationships and expectations, and see a girl the way she wants to be seen.. Future is the archetype here. El Topo also does a lot of this stuff.

Rich Guy game- Being rich can work to get you girls. I know big shocker. But there is a way to use money that works and a a way to use money that doesn't. Throwing money around can work, spending money as an opening move NEVER does. It also doesn;t work to brag about how much money you have or use it specifically to impress. In order to use money game, you need to have enough money that it doesn't bother you to throw money around on bottle service and limos etc...

Stripper Game- Stripper game relates to the ability to walk into a strip club and walk out either with a # that is solid, or even better, with a stripper!!! This is the hardest kind of game IMO. It's faster, you can't rely on social proof, you can't trust the IOIs or the touching... So it's all verbal and the girls are NOT there to socialize. I'm a master of stripper game and have been with well over 20 strippers I picked up in strip clubs in the last 2 years.

Quick Escalation game- This is the type of game that leads to bathroom blowjobs, and 20 minute lays. This requires an acute ability to recognize and escalate on windows of sexuality.. The best guy I saw at this was Geoff from RSD, I've also seen Savoy do it and heard a TON of stories about Brad P doing it. Hopefully I'll be hanging with Brad P next week in LA.

Day game- Day game is the result of an ability to be really normal, while disarming a series of potential interrupts and a never ending actual time constraint. It really tests your verbal game, as again no social proof, no real touching escalation and most of the time a real time constraint. I'm the undisputed king of day game and welcome all challengers...

Allright.. I'm sure there's more but BC is starting.



  1. Give me a couple of years and I'll challenge you for the title of Daygame King. :D


  2. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Sad truth is I don't know many PUA's that actually do daygame with RESULTS, not just 'good conversation'. So in ohter words, they are PUA's at night only.


  3. Hayden9:12 PM

    Thanks for the write-up.

    What about the following other ways to meet women. Perhaps you don't consider them to be game. Either way, I'd love your take on it, as I'm tired of sarging because I'm pretty terrible at it.

    1. Work / School
    2. Classes, Clubs, Sports, Volunteering, etc.
    3. Friends
    4. Social Circle (Social Circle DOES NOT = Friends)
    5. Online (Dating Sites or Social Networking sites)
    6. Being a DJ, Bartender, etc.
    7. House Parties (vs. going downtown or hitting the clubs)

  4. Anonymous7:09 AM

    this is a really great post. Furthermore, even though it was implied yet not mentioned, w/ each type of game will come a different range of girls

  5. You forgot Big Dick game.....

  6. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Great post.

    you forgot "Older guy game"

    meaning 40 plus puing 25yr olds.

    And not the genetic freaks who look
    30 either.

  7. touching in day game is a big plus. i've worked it in my favor.

  8. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Hey man---I'm taking your LA workshop this coming weekend---how does peacocking fit into this? Because my peacocking often triggers the "celebrity" frame in girls. (Oddly enough, they always seem to ask if I'm [obscure celebrity I've never heard of X]. I'd suppose simply saying, "Are you some celebrity?" would be too obvious.)

    Peacocking also makes it a lot easier to get to know the DJ's and promoters.

    How does this relate to the type of game where the girls are approaching / hitting on / groping you?

    One of my main problems right now is allowing the girl(s) to frame me as "the entertainment." Go to bring a friend over for me to repeat the story or little song or trick, etc. etc. It annoys me and I eject. Need to plow on....

    - from Philly

  9. You can use social proof in a strip club to your advantage. My last post explains how I stumbled upon it this weekend. I'll have to tell you what I learned next time I see you.

  10. Anonymous7:00 PM

    You forgot Big Guido game . . .

  11. twohmen10:18 AM

    J - Would be interested in hearing a breakdown of some of these game types that haven't already been dealt with before. (For example, I think there's a lot out there on stripper game, and a lot of it is from you).

    I'd like to hear about Rich Man's game (fine, I'm well-off) in a separate post, for example.

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