Friday, August 10, 2007

In chicago on 10 hours of sleep ready to kick ass...

I made the very hard decision last night not to go out with the boys, but instead to get a full nights rest so i can be 100% here fot the bootcamp...

I feel like a million bucks right now, no hang over, not tired, in state ready to teach. I think this has just become official bootcamp policy.

I am also:

Waiting anxiously to go shopping in LA. The shopping where I live blows and I haven't been able to find earrings or wrist bands I like in FOREVER!!!!! I'm bringing like a grand for shopping in LA.

Excited to be back in Chi def in the top 5 of cities I go to. Hot girls, cool city. Bad weather.

Listening to the second Kanye West Cd. Not impressed. A huge step down from the college drop out accross the board.. I hope his new album that comes out soon is better.. I think it comes out on Tues. Not sure though

Committed to working out on program. I brought running shoes and everything. Working out helps me stay sane during the maddness that is a workshop.

Growing a mustache. Fear the stache...


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  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    70's pornstar 'stache?

    Shock and Awe.

    My mother once told me that she married my father (in the 70's) because his moustache reminded her of her father. Then, right after they married, he shaved it off. There's still a lovely soft-focus painting of them, in their wedding clothes, hanging over the loveseat in living room. My father was like David DeAngelo crossed with the Marquis DeSade... before I told him I was going to torture him in his old age, and dance and piss and shit all over his grave, and he went on antidepressants. Now he's slightly more of a "nice guy"---in his dotage.

    - Philly Eros, Philly Eros, y'all....