Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What I'm listening to...

The Black Album by Jay-Z.

IMO the best albums Jay-Z ever made were the original Blueprint, and this one. I wish he'd have stayed retired and spared us the atrocity that was Kingdom Come(Excluding 30's the new 20 which rocks)

It reminds me of how I wished jordan had stayed retired after he Heisman trophied byron Russell in 98.

Especially liking Allure right now..

"Cuz the allure of the game keeps caling my name..."



  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Agree on Blueprint and Black Album. I love "What more can I say", gets me all pumped up when i'm working out or driving.

    I like Kingdom Come aswell, it's okay. Oh My God and the title track is cool. Lost One is decent.

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Yeah, Jay is top 5 of all time unless you like this new age booty shake rap bullshit.

    The only reason why Jay will NEVER be the greatest is because of one super, ultra extremely talented lyricist by the name of....NAS.

    Take him away and Jay's resume is untouchable. In fact, no Ether and you could say Jay never even lost a battle.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    If you like the Black Album, you should check out the Grey Album. It mixes the lyrics from the Black Album with the beats from the Beatles' White Album. Sounds weird, but it turns out amazing. One of the dudes for Gnarls Barkley (Modest Mouse) did it.

    Reasonable Doubt is probably my all-time favorite Jay Z CD.

    I like Nas, but I think he's still living off Illmatic and God's Son. None of his stuff since then has been close to that level.

    Best rapper in the Game right now: Lil Wayne. As a lyricist, no one can touch him right now. Not even Jay Z. Random sampling:

    "And understand I been in that water like I was snorkeling
    Understand I been in that water like I'm a dolphin
    Miami Khaled took me in like a orphan
    Why did they start him?
    Now they can't park him
    I go into the booth and just change like Clark Kent
    Lamborghini dark tint
    Philly blunts cigar scent
    I'm by myself and ni**as run they mouths like auctions"

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    No disrespect bro, but Nas' wackness is still better than Weezy's best and I'm not exaggerating. If someone says a Nas album was wack they are speaking relative to his potential or what people expect.

    Hip hop is dead. Weezy would be a mediocre rapper in the mid 90s when hip hop was peaking(lyrically), but now he's considered the best? WHAT?

    Anyway, this is a recent verse from Nas...skill levels aren't even close.

    Whether chrome sparkin' or loan sharkin'
    Bustin' ratchets or number rackets
    or drug traffic
    My funds are wrapped up, no concern who has wealth
    Financer/skull doo ragged up/ Mob life/Prize fights/Plasma TVs
    My first road - diversify doe in my circle
    Amid the most sickest/Groomed approved swiftness
    Numero Uno Annuit Coeptis/
    Thats the language of our Latin ancestors
    On the back of the dollar the plan and the message
    In a Rolls Royce like the King of Nigeria
    My criteria
    Smoke cigars/Change rap like Jimmy Hendrix changed rock n roll, with a broke guitar/smoke cigars/
    Almost put a million cash in my mommy's casket
    See more green than St. Patrick

    Nas is the G.O.A.T.

    He has at least 50 verses on that caliber or BETTER