Monday, August 27, 2007

LR: Kareoke til sunrise...

Last night I went out with Shaft, CJ, and Twitchy. We hit the perplexing venue, this is a venue where sometimes it's packed, others it's dead. The girls are all hot , and have major attitudes. This was the scene of the 7 blowout night CJ and I had a couple months back.

Last night it also had a very San Diego esque 9 to 1 guy to girl ratio... We got there a bit early and so we sat around chatting. I finally decide that I'm going to get a cigarette... I then run a transition and get ignored by the target. I talk to the obstacles a bit and then roll out...

I watch as this one guy grabs about 3 girls in a row creeps them out and then turns to tell me that " She ain't shit, I make more money in a week than she makes in a year..." I'm not a mysognist, so this line of conversation is VERY dull to me. However much like the famous "Bill" from Chi I decide that I can use this guy as my opener all night.

So I roll up on this 2 set he had grabbed and tell them that watching them get hit on was the high point of my night thus far... The target is a super hot blonde and she is testing all over the place... she keeps grabbing me, but she won't qualify herself and it doesn't seem to be going the right way. I back turn and she turns me back around... then as seems to happen so much as the perplexing venue, they decide to leave...

Ok, I go back inside and I see the girl who ignored my transition getting gamed by this fat dude, he tries to grind her and she pushes her off him. I roll up next to her and say " He'd be perfect for you". She gags and starts laughing. I game her a bit. the guy just stands there. I then move her outside. We're sitting down and she is very sassy, but she's also touching me and qualifying herself, so i deal with the attitude that makes me want to walk away. She has to go to the bathroom so I come back in and chill with Zen ninja master CJ. I also may or may no have complained about hot chicks with chodes and suggested that i start wearing polo shirts and shorts to bars.

I run back ino her at the bar and she is now being grabbed by a short dude who just claimed to be the owner of the club when he had offended a different girl. I call her by her name and pretend we are long lost friends.. We ditch the grabby guy and go back outside. I start strawberry fields and sexual framing... I actually never got to finish straw fields as her friend came out and I had to befriend her.

I find out that my girl is in town on a lay over and is leaving tomor... I ask what's on the agenda for later, they say nothing.

I do more qualifying and sexual framing, and text CJ to come out and wing the obstacle... By the time he gets out there, there is another guy in the set.

The ugly lights come on and i suggest we wait for her friend outside. I say I'm not ready for my night to end yet. She says that since she's only in town for tonight, we should hang out more. But she has to ask her friend. She walks to the car and i wait with CJ and Shaft. CJ suggest me going over there to make sure they can't leave without me... Good call.

I get in the car and I hear the plan. First we have a stop in Korea town so the obstacle can do some coke, then another stop..

My life flashes before my eyes on the 10 minute car ride. We end up at a kareoke bar in Ktown. There's 3 Asian guys that were really nice. they bought me beer and food. And we sang. This is fun for an hour and a half. But we stay from 2:30 til 6:30 am.... I made out with her somewhere in there and sang about a gazillion songs.

I was also really worried about the logistics because she was staying with her friend and her friend lived at home... She asks me what i'm doing tomor and I say hanging out with you. She asks me if I can give her a ride to the airport. I see my chance here and say " Actually I have a meeting right by DFW about an hour after that." I ask her where her stuff is, and it's in her friends car.


I tell her to crash with me when her friend drops her off and then I'll take her in the morning. She agrees and after we get kicked out of the kareoke bar at 6:30 AM, we get dropped off.

When we get in she changes and gets into bed with me. There's a little token resistance that i just pretend like I'm going to go to sleep with, and then it's on. She gives the best BJ ever and had a sexy pornstar look on her face the whole time. I finally get to sleep at 9 AM and have to get up at 11:30 to drive her to the airport.

4 SNLS this month...



  1. Damn, at least you had a better night than me haha

  2. Not to detract from this awesome lay...but this LR just made me think about why I don't like club game. It can require you to stay up till 9AM!

    I tend to just give up before then usually.

  3. I fuckin' love karaoke (yes, with an 'a').

    "Rockstar" by Nickelback is my new favorite karaoke song.