Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fumbled the pen...


Last night I was out with Fidelio in my hood, drinking and chilling, I did a couple of approaches but was ore out to catch up with FIdelio as he's been out of the loop for awhile and I missed hanging with him.

We bounce around a couple of bars where I'm proofed by the staff. And we end up at my favorite dive bar of all time. We're in there and I get opened by a guy telling me he thinks my hair is hot... He was wearing a shirt that said brown eyes on it and Fidelio and I made a number of jokes as to the meaning of that as he walked off...

I go to the bathroom and when I return Fidelio is talking to a hot brunette. I hang back for a bit until I get opened by her friend. She's blonde, young, hot and doesn't have big boobs :( But she has a smoking body and I want to do really dirty things to her.

We start bantering, I use you and I are not going to get along, and shockingly I don't get busted for using VH1 material !!!!

I pull her hair, she bites her lip. She's there with some friends from work and they are UBER chodes. I push her onto them. I whisper in her ear that he'd be perfect for her. He tries to move her to the couch and I physically push her toward him... She invites me to come with her.. I relent and we sit down on the couches. The brunette joins us and I run strawberry fields on the blonde and talk bitter gibberish with the brunnette. The brunette falls under one of my categories that I rock with: Bitter sarcastic girls. If I can be bitter and make fun of other people in the club I'm almost unstoppable... But I wanted the bonde.

I start qualifying and she's jumping through everything, I start breakthrough comfort. talk about how things happen for a reason. I usually don't do #s but I have framed it sexually and eliminated obstacles so I need her # in case a freak situation kills the pull. I bridge her to get high on Sun and go see Superbad. This is the greatest # close of my life...

I decide it's time to roll and I say the very clever pull line " you ready to get out of here".

She goes to the bathroom and then calls me when she's outside. We walk into my building when she says her ride is at the abr across the street... It's 1:30 I don't want to deal with obstacles and I'm kinda dreezed so I just say I'll walk her there...

Then she tries to make out with me and I dodge... I tell her we're nopt doing the goodnight kiss. Then she kisses me anyway.

Note to girls No means no. it doesn't mean you can kiss me...

I text her when I get home and she texts back... We've been going back and forth all day today.

Here's some highlights:

Sinn: Do you speak text?
Her: Of course
Sinn: Well then you are on text probation, I text a lot and I expect prompt, witty, and fun responses that will make me remember how awesome you are. Sweet Dreams.
Her: Ok I just got home and I can be witty in text just you wait.

I tell her she's sexy, smart and a huge dork, she replies That pretty much wraps it up you nailed it...

Oh funny sidenote as she's begging me to call her as i walk her to her ride, I say " I really want to have sex with you so of course I'm going to call you! But even if we don't you're awesome and I want us to be friends...

So everyone can laugh at me for fumbling the pen especially after I mercilessly ripped Future all weekend after his asian fumbling that he ultimately closed...

So everyone can laugh at me, especially Future.



  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    wait... did you get picked up by the girl?

  2. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Did I miss the part where you fumbled the pen?

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    AFC question re: the quote below...I assume the "I really want to have sex with you" phrase is part of your sexual framing. Was it your delivery that kept it from sounding needy, or something else?

    I say " I really want to have sex with you so of course I'm going to call you! But even if we don't you're awesome and I want us to be friends...

  4. I fumbled the pen by not closing her last night and not just telling her I'd take her home...

    Now I'll close her tomor :(


  5. OK, I'm new to this, but... why didn't you want to kiss her? Sounded like you had her in the palm of your hand, why didn't you just close?