Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some Thoughts on a Tuesday...

I wake up to the war zone of my apt after CJ and I came home last night from a rushed night of game.... I had gone straight to the club after getting off a flight from Chi. Which I had gotten on straight from my day game course.

I realized yesterday that I need to commit to doing the approaches on SUPER hot girls. Lately I've been being really lazy and only taking the easiest sets. So even when I'm getting massive results, even when I'm getting hot girls, I'm still not giving the full effort and I'm still trying to retain my internal sense of cool.

One of the things I realized yesterday, is that the very act of approaching, is not always a cool action. It can be, but most of the time it is going to start out as a RANDOM, somewhat weird thing and there is nothing you can do but barrel through the initial weirdness and push things. Because you never know what the end resut is going to be.

It's funny, because when I had less social intuition I did FAR more approaches. The reason being that I didn't realize it was weird, and now that I have added a ton of social intuition and skill, I also start to see the inherent strangeness of approaching groups with really high barriers to entry. I know it will probably work, but because I've been having SOO much success lately, I am not willing to put in the work.

CJ and I have proven to ourselves that we can pull ALMOST every night, that we can rack up huge amounts of lays in small time frames,and we can get hot girls. What we've lost is the hunger and the edge that used to drive us. The lack of motivation that used to be there to prove something to the world, to other guys and to the girls who rejected us in the past. The drive was very much to get away from pain, rather than moving toward pleasure.

In In terms of a strategy, getting really mad at yourself, and the world and having something to prove is great! Michael Jordan talks about how he created challenges to himself, he took perceived slights to be much bigger than they were. However, once you've started to heal the inner wounds and your subconscious mind starts to realize that you CAN do this, you start to lose motivation as you don't feel the burning need to prove "Those " people wrong. So then you need to find a new way to motivate yourself, and that's where we are now...

Not sure how much sense all of this is making, but it's an interesting head space to be in right now.



  1. Right on. I think this partly describes something that's been happening to me. My AA has increased as I've gotten more familiar with the social environment, because, as you said, approaching is not always a cool action.

    Recognizing this is a big help. I just need to accept being a bit weird. Thanks for that.

  2. http://sinnsofattraction.blogspot.com/2007/05/keeping-sword-sharp.html

    this post had some great stuff by you. practice, commit, keep it consistent. your blog and writings have helped me tremendously in terms of just forcing myself through things that I wouldn't normally push through.

    got to keep that pimp hand strong, man.

    i'll be at a bootcamp early next year or sooner depending on finances and logistics.

  3. This really is the #1 reason why so many guys quit the game, or rather, quit improving themselves. Style once posted about cutting loose 5 MLRTs to motivate his continued improvement. I suppose you can always work towards hotter girls, threesomes, bathroom pulls, and other more unusual maneuvers to continue to challenge yourself. DEFINITELY post an update.

  4. Anonymous5:05 PM

    thanks for giving this kind of insight, sinn! i appreciate that a lot! we are all on the same path. i'm always thankful to have some inspiring person like you and further gurus walk in front of me sharing your thoughts.

    i can picture myself in your sentences. proofing them wrong is a big motivator. (it even makes me smile today, when a former high school friend just keeps sitting next to me quietly with his jaw dropped after i number closed our waitress.)
    a bigger motivator though is to create a different lifestyle. a satisfying and happy lifestyle.

    in my eyes this whole seduction community delevopment has just begun. we will see how far it can take us after tyler durden will have celebrated his 50th birthday. and if he, along with mystery and style, is a first generation guru, you are definitely a guru of the second generation rising. there are a lot of concepts, routines and techniques to come from you. your thoughts on negative compliance momentum showed what you are capable of.

    bottom line, i want you to be one of the puas breaking new ground on the path to pua enlightenment. i totally dig your style mate.

    and if i'm wrong with all this, at least we get to read some more funny as hell field reports..

    keep pushin yourself,


  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Wow, story of my life. Great post. Except i don't get laid nearly as much or as consistently as you do, i still felt the same feelings in the situation. I need to re-motivate myslef too and not work the easiest sets.


  6. How about celeb status? That seems to be the next step up? :D

    Maybe your own reality tv show
    or just an appearance on 'Keys to the VIP' ??

    They're looking for people for season two you know..

    i'll get off your balls now haha