Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To the guys crying about the VH1 show...

A bunch of guys on the lounge and on program lately have been asking about the effects of the show revealing material that was availible already. For free. On the internet.

Here's my very charming and Sinn like response.

Guys seriously, calm down, step away from the keyboard and take a DEEP breath...

The worlds is NOT coming to an end, we will all still be able to get laid, and the human race is not going to inexplicably be unable to re-produce because Cs Vs Us got revealed to 650,000 people. I know it feels scary like the time the lights went out on Friday the 13th and you heard scary noises, but I PROMISE you guys it will be ok.

There is not going to be a great backlash, but even if there were and every set forever and ever suddenly recognized "you and I are not gonna get along", opinion openers, and the cube and all the great material I still use to this day. All you have to do is cut the thread...

" Is that your pick up artist line?
Sinn: My friend eats lemons whole. It's really weird I was eating lunch with her today and...

Change the subject. bad conversational threads happen almost EVERY set and the crux of this skillset is the ability to navigate skillfully among all the information present to highlight yourself in the best and most sexually worthy way...

Who cares about the routines, they are training wheels on the way to being a stronger guy, and I for one welcome the social pressure of being asked if I'm one of those pick up guys....

This will ultimately help the guys who actually go out develop better game, while giving the KJ excuse makers a reason to continue to sit at home, and masturbate using their tears as lube...



  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    I love that show.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    On the next episode of the Pickup Artist, Mystery is going to reveal in detail how tears make bad lube and spit is actually better.

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Easy for a PUG to say. Ever think about anyone besides yourself?

  4. agree with what you say.

    btw - there's also a movie being released Nov 7th


    There're a lot of reasonably well known actors in there - from american pie, csi miami, etc. Release Date of Nov 7th

    Thomas Ian Nicholas... Max
    Stephen Baldwin
    Lochlyn Munro... Gary Johnson
    Adam Rodriguez... Ricky
    James Avery... Mark Hanley

    Lisa Ray... Eva

  5. Hey Sinn,

    Cool you are leading with 3 SNL.. AWESOME-

    How many times a week are u guys going on? What is the game rules?



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  7. we all know that saliva is a better lube, because jenna jameson said so!

    and i salivate every time i see a new post from sinn... keep it coming! <3

  8. Jesse James8:48 PM

    youre an asshole but thanks for putting things in perspective.
    good luck with the SNL game this month.