Monday, July 30, 2007

Lucky 21...

So far the contest this month has El Topo leading with 8 new lays(Not sure how many same night) CJ in 2nd place with 7(6 SNL) and me in 3rd with 6( 3 SNL). That means that this month the three of us in the inner circle have slept with 21 DIFFERENT women...

3 Guys, 21 different girls. This becomes more impressive when you take into account how CJ had his kids 2 weekends plus an extra day. I spent 6 days with SCW and was on 3 different bootcamps this month, and El Topo has been working with students almost every night.

So of the nights we have had oppurtunities, we are making the most of them.

Fun month, now if I can just get 2 more lays over the next 2 days to tie...



  1. Guess I'm Missing something here...
    what's SNL???

  2. Anonymous4:04 PM

    same night lay

  3. Hanging with you guys has upped my game and injured my liver.

  4. haha whats up man

    nice reports you haveee

    and tough competition you guys have haha

    great man,
    well were from monterey mexicoo a drect puas

    add me man

    and check our blog

    peace out casanova

  5. I'm curious can you mention your ratios too? How many sets flopped or didn't full monty in order to get those numbers? That would be good info for people to know that you don't need to bat 1000