Saturday, July 07, 2007

The acrobatic monkey or the failed switch

So after fighting with SCW over me flaking on her. CJ and I hit a couple of different places and no goes I even had waited to # close this bar tender I"ve talked to a few times, except she's not there... Drats.

Finally we hit X bar. I open what I think is a 2 girl 1 guy set. The girls are south american and an 8 and 7 if you're into that kinda thing.The girls respond and the dude shuts the fuck up. It's instantly on. I run best friends test, I do a group hug, and run strawberry fields. She tells me she's in " Her sexual prime" I tell her I need trust and comfort first.

Cj runs a dastardly ploy that sends me to the dancefloor to have seizures to music. I do an almost kiss.

I decide to do a take away to see if there's a way to trade up. My iitial target was an 8 the obstacle a 7. We look around and I run a quick set while CJ hits the bathroom. All huge cock game. Al the time. No conversation except about how big my dick is. The fattie in the set said she was attracted to my confidence I responded that it's easy to be confident when you have a HUGE cock.

Meanwhile I am destroying Savoy @ virtual drinking I hit 19 drunks at about 1 AM.

So I seed the pull to an afterparty. She asks who will be at the after party. I respond, you, me, CJ and your friend. Meanwhile CJ has a girl he # closed wednesday all over his shit. She's asking him to leave with her and shit. But he's also gaming my obstacle. His girls bounce and we get them to drive us home under the pre-text of me being drunk(whih I am) but the exact way I planned it with CJ in the car on the ride there.

We get back to my place and me and my target fuck including her begging me to fuck her ass. In the other room on the couch of sex CJ closes my obstacle.

We decide to go eat so I can sober up and we can get my car. i regret to inform you guys that there is no cure to 19 drinks, in fact I'm kinda buzzed writing this a couple hours later. While at the diner CJ and I talk about switching. meaning we try to fuck each other's targets.

We get into the garage of my place and decide to go for it. My new target needs to go up to get her cell phone anyway. We go up and I start trying to kiss her. i tell her to sit next to me and we start cuddling. I think fuck foreplay and whip my shit out and start to whack it on her. She tells me I can't stay hard and I move her hand over. I tell her I' m a wet kinda guy and she licks her hand and starts to manually stimulate me.

CJ and his girl call as I've got my and down her pnats. It seems CJ had made out with and titty sucked my target on the way up. We fucked the logistics up by prolly 10 minutes, but we will now be searching for the 100 percent perfect 2 set where both PUAS lay both girls.



  1. jesus christ you guys are always raising the bar, nice work!

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Sinn, you need to cut down on your drinking dude. 19 drinks? ...of What?!!!

    No good for the 'unleash the beast' project.

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Awesome Idea! Oh man, I am excited. Dude take this seriously & test it some more. I know I will.

  4. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Haha I love it!

  5. oh right, drinks of what? i was dead after 7 shots of 100 proof the other night, i still think it was the post-shot beer that did it.

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    LMAO! You guys are fucked up! LOL!