Saturday, July 14, 2007

Live Blogging from SF again...

Future is teaching right now.

We're debriefing from last night where I had 4 straight blow-outs then 2 make-outs after blowing out a guy using the fake Jersey accent. It goes to show that even when you are having a bad night, success can be right around the corner.

I also fucked up the bathroom pull twice. I still don't quite have the calibration down to consistently make the bathroom pull work. I don't recognize the window of oppurtunity as well as I do with the make-out and the pull. I will get it though.

I just explained doing mixed sets. Mixed sets are great because they open the field up. That means that you will be able to do more sets and get more practice in. Plus they triple your lay rate. It is actually EASIER to get a same night lay from a mixed set, because guys can't cockblock in the same way. A girl can tell her girl-friend not to go home with you, and they also usually drive in the same car. But if they are out with just a random chode from the office, then they probably arrived seperately leaving her free to come home with you.

Guys are also nicer than girls as they usually will be nice...

Plus it's a really easy way to hit one of the MAJOR attraction switches. Leader of men. If you can comncretely demonstrate that you are cooler than at least 1 guy in the venue you are cooler than if you just approached all girls.

Mixed sets rock!



  1. Be sure to bring back a pair of San Francisco slippers for your ladies ;)

  2. Mixed sets are the easiest and hardest to do actually. The initial hook line is actually to game the cockblocks. Open with NFL or Same Shirt. Disqualify you're gay. And then game as per normal.

  3. I always appreciate you talking about your own sticking points, Sinn. It helps the rest of us remember that you're not superhuman and that we can get really good through practice too.