Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All our instructors got laid in Scottsdale...

Wow, EVERY single one of us pulled on workshop... CJ got laid twice, and I pulled 2 girls sunday night, but got LMR both times, it seems that sticking point has reared it's ugly demonous head again.... Though both pulls were ridiculously fast and one after another with a street approach.

It was funny because when I was in isolation with the second girl some guy came over and started telling all these stupid lies like " I'm the head bouncer of such and such a club and I cage fight. When he claimed to be a bouncer at the club another random dude there jumpied into the conversation with " No you're not, my buddy X is." The jack ass then rescinded his claim from 1st to 2nd then to 3rd... His mortified friend tried to ask my girl for her number, but botched it hugely.... Then he said he was a cage fighter... but couldn't tell me who faught in last week's matched and thought the UFC was on # 56(73), so he just looked dumb... I didn;t do shit to amog him except ask her if she knew these guys, and she said she didn't then I told her they were creepy. Subtle AMOGing like this is best. No need to confront the other guy especially if he doesn't know the girl. I always assume thet the guy has no game and wait to see if he blows himself out... Most of the time that's enough. In a tug of war, I'll just be more dominant, and pull the girl anyway. So they leave we bounce to the hotel, I get her changed and escalate but she's on her period... and I couldn't get over it. I have a lot fo trouble getting over the period boundary when it's real. But when it's fake I always get over it....

I tried CJ's I was in a relationship and it's natural it's part of what makes you a woman piece, but no go. I suggested the shower and like Charles Bronson would say " No dice." Oh well. I had 4 different girls in my bed and saw a girl I met last time for a drink and some breakthrough comfort.

This weekend the crew was awesome El Topo is amazing good, and CJ is at a whole nother level this month, where I'm actually suprised when he doesn't get laid every time he speaks to a girl... We had a new AC out too, who's screen name I forget, but helped out the Don in LA and now me...

Overall a great weekend too, having a great wig like El Topo is awesome, and I CJ and I work sets together better than any other 2 dudes, I've ever seen. This weekend was easy. If I had this crew every workshop, we could produce some huge, huge results for students and you get to see super high level game, and watch pulls in real life..

We've also been talking about possibly doing some advanced bootcamps, based on the theories we teach approach coashes when they are being trained to teach programs. Right now we're considering a 3 day seminar where CJ would teach a day on sexual framing, I'd teach a one day on some advanced topic, and El Topo would teach about late game and relationship mangaement stuff... Then we'd do 2 nights of in-field. It would also have to be smaller, and more expensive, but it would represent the HIGHEST level of new theory, and would all deviate from stuff availible to those outside the MM instructor ranks.

Just thinking out loud, though as we may not do it. We still have to clear it and set dates and cities and stuff... We also all have to be free and El Topo, CJ and I are all pretty busy guys... It'd really be cool though if it happened...

Great weekend overall... Especially seeing the students getting such good results. One of the students got a BJ on the second night and another one we ran into on Sun night pulled that night.. It's always cool, when students get immediate results like that.

I'm exhausted, we all flew back after breakthrough comfort and didn't get in til 1 AM, and we haven't been getting much sleep.



  1. Jebus4:11 AM

    Haha, what hilarious typo:
    "having a great wig like El Topo is awesome"

  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    An El Topo wig is thick and full but I think I would prefer the more stylish Sinn wig myself!

  3. The results you guys are getting are unheard of. The best naturals I've seen don't do 4 new girls a month.

    One thing to contribute: I've never had a girl on her period prevent a lay. I got this from a natural and it's simple, but effective.

    When she says "I'm on my period" you just reply "I don't care". She'll usually come back with something like "yeah but I do" at which point you just say "ok that's fine" and keep doing what you're doing.

    Basically you agree but continue, just like you guys teach.

    Then usually when you go to get a condom, just bring out a towel and tell her to move her butt and put it under. There may be some minor protesting, but I always just escalate, never been a problem.

    Few words as possible, all actions.

  4. Anonymous5:25 AM

    OK. That's gross.

    How can one screen for girls on their period?

  5. Anonymous6:03 AM

    It is simply matchless :)