Friday, July 13, 2007

Open more sets!

I want to start talking baout some mroe advanced sticking points on the boards.

One of the major sticking points that I see from almost EVERY guy who's good( Including myself and CJ) is the tendency to get in with one set and stay there all night.

The first time I heard about this was when I was still working with Mystery on bootcamps. He was talking about Style's major sticking point and how Style would fuck his warm up sets. Because he would get in with a couple of OK looking girls and just stay there all night.

Instead of staying in one set all night ESPECIALLY if it's going well, you should use the social proof you have to move into sets with hotter girls.

This works in a multitude of ways.

1. It builds a jealousy plot line into the initial set you are gaming. Even if the first set you warmed up with is a true blue 10, you still want to install the fear of loss and the feeling of jealousy into your target. After she is attracted to you, she will become jealous when she sees you with another girl. When she becomes jealous, she will have to think about why she has become jealous about this guys she barely knows. This will lead to her realizing that she wants you. And when you go back to that set it will go better.

2. The social proof of being seen with girls will make your next sets go MUCH better. The PUA aura that CJ and I often talk about, is a combination of 2 things. Social proof and state. The more sets you open and get attraction from, the more social proof you have. The more social proof you have the easier ANY set will open.

3. It demonstrates a lack of neediness. By showing her that you are willing to walk away and talk to other girls. Willingness to walk away, ESPECIALLY when it is going well is extremely attractive and demonstrates that you are less invested in the interaction. And as we always know the person who cares more about the interaction has LESS social power.

We say that the first 3 sets are warm-ups and I truly believe that, if you are doing less then 3 sets a night, you are handicapping your game by not establishing enough social proof and jealousy.



  1. a.k.a. Working the room.

  2. I like the idea of doing advanced sticking points. I get tons of hot girls out on dates, but haven't closed as many lately.

    I think my comfort game needs work.

  3. Anonymous5:28 PM

    What if you get in with a good set but as soon as you leave it to open a new one, they don't hook as well cause they didnt see u with the girls. Sometimes when i return to my initial set, their reactions are... flat, like not bad but not good either because I had to re-approach them again.


  4. Good stuff. So many of us just look for a 2 set to sarge instead of working the room and creating social proof first.

    Question: If you eject and reopen those first few sets, do you ever number close them when ejecting? Or you don't bother because they were just warmup?

  5. Mild seven - You wouldn't want to number close or try to number close because you take a chance of wrecking the room. Think of it like dominoes that are stacked on end. If the first topples what usually happens? The rest usually follow. It's harder to regain the room that way. If you wanted to number close you could reopen later and do it after you have already worked the room. My Pennies.

  6. sheriff6:31 AM

    Hey bud,

    Interesting post. I've actually been chastising people for doing the opposite recently. Lots of guys I know just aren't pushing their sets far enough - they'll hook a decent set, and will take a number as a way of not escalating.

    Reading this has made me see it from a different perspective. I think some calibration of this is needed. Tonight, I will go and do a bunch of sets, and get the jealousy and working the room angle going, rather than going head-to-head with Rokker...