Monday, July 02, 2007

SNL - United Way

I still hate Peyton Manning but this is hysterical.



  1. Hey!

    What up, Im form Monterrey, Mexico lair

    I have like 6 months in the community learing new things all day with puas from Monterrey, Tampico, Mexico, Aguascalientes...

    by today i have made differts kinds of closes but never enter in the seduccion phase... Im not virgin but i really dont know how to establish a relationship with no compromise with one girl Im hangin out with.. Im stoked in comfort... what can I do to escale it to the next phase?

  2. i dont think this is really the place to ask advice, i would try the forum, the link is on sinn's blog

  3. Look at the way Peyton hammers those children! That man has a rocket for an arm!

  4. wonger, go sit in the port-o-let for 20 minutes!