Monday, July 09, 2007

Who's rolling with Sinn list for the next few bootcamps?

Here's my schedule for the next little bit including what other instructors are going to be rolling...

Captain Jack and El Topo will be with me in Pho so that's a chance to see me rolling with my reguar wings, and 2 of the best guys in the company. Future will be joining us on Mon for the breakthrough comfort program.
Breakthrough Comfort

Chicago you"ll see me, Future, Dahunter and either Trance, El Topo, or Fader.

Then in LA I will again be joined by Miseur Future as well as Most likely Savoy and The Don. Probably will see an appearence by Masters at some point too...

Back in NY Future and I will be joined by Fader and either Topo, Trance or Dahunter.

Boston will have Savoy, myself and either Fader, Trance, Topo or Masters.

That's all for now..


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  1. Rokker4:38 PM

    Go get 'em 2pac. On the other side of the pond we are planning Europe-domination with the European Dream Team: A bit sexier - a lot more accent. Zing!