Saturday, July 21, 2007

LR: 1 to tie 2 to lead... Fuck CJ! 2 to tie 3 to lead...

So we roll up to the club on the scotsdale bootcamp, I start opening sets, and working with students. A few no gos, a couple decent sets, nothing special though.

A student brings me into a set with a 2 and 7. We'll call her the divorcee.

Rings on fingers
Who are you?

The student buys the girls shots and then they roll off. I work with students some more and then run back into the divorcee. I pull her into isolation.

Strawberry Fields
Question game
Almost Kiss

I seed the bounce to the after party at our hotel.

Her friend comes over and takes her to the bathroom.

They come back and we make out and start hardcore sexual talk. I bring El Topo back into the set and we start my new wrecking ball routine. Divorcee starts running hernails up and down my back and I say if you keep doing that I'm going to have to do dirty things to you. I then say well I have to go to the bathroom and take care of myself.. She asks if she can watch.

I pull her to the bathroom and as soon as I lock the door, I hear a knock like the fucking po-lice are outside. It's the bouncer, he says we can;t be in there together and I pretend I'm drunk and don't understand. I bring her back and me and ET decide to pull.

Get her back to the hotel, strip her down except for her high heels, and tax like the IRS on April 15th. Turns out her friend told ET that she does this ALL the time and that usually her friend has to wait in the car.

Afterwords we go to eat and I talk merciless shit to CJ about how I'm now only down 1 lay to him this month. Then he gets a text from a girl he was talking to tonight who wants to come over... FUCK!!!! Now I've just treaded water all night... I'll still catch him like he was a robber and I owned a 7-11, it's just going to take more time.

We go to after-hours and run into J-Dog and Cramias. It was great to see both those guys, then back to the hotel and CJ's girl rolls over and takes him back to her place 45 minutes ago.

I feel bad for CJ because he's just forcing me to raise my game and pull again tonight...

Today CJ looks noticably redder due to the fire I am applying to his feet. He also has a ringing in his ears from the thundering of my footsteps.


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