Monday, July 16, 2007

I gotta break up with SCW...

That girl is nuts...

She came over @ 4 Am when I got back . But when I land I already have a voicemail where she drops the L word, and a text telling me she's already at my house... My psycho alarm is now at code red.

I get home, she gets there 5 minutes later and she's acting like she did the night she was drugged... She says she's drunk, but anyone who has read my blog more than once, knows I understand what it's like to be drunk.. She's not drunk. She's also talking nonstop about how she missed me, how I don't write her good text messages anymore, how she quit her job and lost her other job and other nonsense, in a stream of conscioussness rant worthy of a Emily Dickinson poem.. Then she breaks my bed.

Then she whines for another hour and I keep trying to find out what she took, she says she's just been drinkng since 2 PM...

When we woke up this morning she says she's still drunk which is impossible after 6 hours of sleep and her not drinking while we were up for 2 hrs...

Anyway this is just me thinking out loud, but I think she needs to be elimidated...



  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Tom Leykis would say D.T.B.

  2. Hot girls all have a certain amount of crazy in them in my experience. If she is as good looking as Capt Jack describes and is as good in bed as you say, it is probably worth putting up with a little crazy to at least keep her as a FB or MLTR.

    I have at least one crazy one in my stable. But she is so damn good in bed I can't bear to part with her.

    If you do decide to ditch her, take some advice that Sayber gave me. When he is ready to drop a woman, he pushes for the three-some. He says most leave him when he puts the pressure on but 1 out of 10 gives in. That is a successful ratio in my book!

  3. In the words of Bill Maher, you put "the ex back into Texas."

  4. kilmer11:19 PM

    I like twitchy's advise.

  5. Anonymous8:32 AM

    It's time to reverse engineer "Breakthrough Dumping"!

  6. Keep her. Seriously, you liked her and you found her some what special. Sure, she is acting needy but she is a girl... She needs a man, it is the reason you took the time to learn how to convey you are a leader of men, protector of loved ones and are preselcted that proves the other points; because that attracts women cause at the end of the day - it's what they need.

    Stop being a pussy and take responsibility for the great game that you have.

    Sincerely, a fan.

  7. Sinn, you used breakthrough comfort to make this girl fall in love with you and now she said she loves you, you want to break up with her?

    You're like a cat with string Sinn, a cat with string.

    You should start your own strip club or escort business or something you know, you'd make an absolute fucking fortune. All these girls you go through. Make big bucks on the side of working for TMM.

    You may have commitment issues, but you fucking rock.


  8. Wow... just... wow.
    Well, we knew it was evil when we created it. At least you know her family isn't going to hunt you down. (Wow...that was mean.)

  9. i guess that's what it's like when girls put their afc-mode on ;)
    just kidding, hope you will be able to sort that out

  10. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Fuck sinn i think you need to teach me a course on not being a pussy. I too gotta break up with this one - totally my fault bc i actually agreed to go exclusive but i cant. Check out her letter and give me some advice if you have time and want to poke some fun at me...


    First of all, I hope that you are alive. I suspect that you are fine.
    I want to know what's going on with you Andy. Ever since we got back
    together, you've been very distant and flaky. You made it clear
    Friday night where I stood on your priority list. Saturday, I asked you to call me and tell me your plans but you never did. Instead I got a text at almost eleven. Finally, Monday morning the last words I heard from you where "I'll call you later." It's now Wednesday morning and I haven't heard a word from you (or text even).

    My question now is why. Have you simply lost interest in me? Have you met someone else? Or is this yet another defense mechanism where you literally chase me away? You have been such a different person since we got back together. You seem generally unhappy. Not to mention that you're suddenly not interested in either sex or cuddling with me. Don't get me wrong. Even with your fun meter pegged at zero, I enjoy spending time with you. I like hanging out with you, watching you cook, watching movies and especially holding your hand all the way down the hike (that was very sweet). But, I want the old Andy. The one who laughed with me, called me or texted everyday, wanted to see me all the time and even told me he missed me sometimes.

    It seems that something is going on with you and I wish you would just be honest with me. It seems fairly clear to me that you don't want to be in a relationship with me. I hope that I'm wrong, but that's definitely how it feels right now. I just don't understand why you went through the trouble of taking the leap that night at sushi and deciding to be exclusive with me if you were just going to turn around and push me away. I'm confused and sad. Please tell me what's the matter.

    Andy, you mean a lot to me. I haven't met anyone who has moved me like you have and I don't want to lose you. Actually, I don't have you, you won't let me get close. You haven't taken the "leap" at all. I want things to be like they were before when you pretty much swept me off of my feet. Please tell me what's wrong. If you don't want to be with me, I'll understand. But, if you do want be with me, I wish you'd make me feel like you do. I hope you are well. I'll go check the obituaries now : (


  11. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Sinn you should send that girlfriend of yours a copy of the DYD eBook and tell her to stop being a wuss.

  12. Agreed...drop