Friday, July 06, 2007

Week update

This week has been crazy!!!!

I got home Monday night @ midnight. Future and I left the breakthrough comfort seminar right @ 5 as we were both on 7PM flights, so we haul ass out of there. Get to O'hare at 5:30 and rush through security. I'm at my gate @ 6 for my 7:15 flight.

Except my flight has been pushed back until 7:35. Then over the loudspeaker, I hear that we will be sitting on the tarmac until 9:10... And I was supposed to see SCW when I get in. So I call her and she still wants to see me when I get in @ midnight. 3 hours later I'm home and think my car has been stolen, because I'm an idiot and walk through the wrong parking lot 3 times before realizing it's not where I parked. I pick SCW up and we have sex til 4 AM. Then I drive her home @ 8AM so she can go to one of her many jobs @ 10 AM. I didn't even know there still was an 8 AM. I thought they got rid of that shit when I graduated high school.

I was really excited to go out Tuesday night as it was 3rd of July and EVERYTHING was going to be packed. Fidelio, El Topo, and CJ confirmed that they were going to be rolling out and Fidelio meets me at my place at 10. Right after I got a call from SCW telling me that she's lost, freaked out and not emotionally stable. I try calling and texting her and nothing. On the way to X bar She calls from a pay phone. She thinks she got roofied and she's 5 blocks from my place. I go to take Fidelio and Dr Dave to X bar, but there's a line and they decide to come with me to get SCW.

We get there and she's obviously fucked up... She keeps telling me to make her go home, and telling me how she bought a loaf of bread. I tell her to get in the car and I drive them back to X bar where I realize she needs to go to the hospital. We get there, she gets fluids and examined to make sure she wasn't raped. She wasn't thank god. And we get home @ like 2:30.

Then we had a really good day on the 4th. We had a ton of sex, saw a great movie and ate junk food together. She really is like having a best friend I have super hot sex with. She even has some of my bizarre pet peeves that drive Future crazy.

The downside of spending 3 straight days with her, is that I got like 9 hours of sleep... So last night I got together with 2 of my favorite people weed and TIVO and passed out on my couch @ 10:30 to awake @ 5:30 and go back to bed. It was awesome. I think that since I am such a loner by nature, that I NEED to have atleast a day a week where I don't have to be around people. it helps keep me balance. It used to always be Sundays, but last night was the first one I've had in probably 2 months.

Now today I'm jonesing to get out. With spending so much time with SCW as amazingly awesome as she is, I miss going out. I miss the Approach Anxiety and the thrill of a new set. I realize now that I am never going to be able to be monogamous. And as much as I care about her and want to keep her in my life, I still went on a date yesterday, and I will cheat on her if we ever get to the point of a committed relationship. So it's sad on one hand, but I feel like a lot of guys feel this way and just have to settle due to a lack of options. So I want to believe in monogamous relationships, but if something this good doesn't make me want to be monogamous, what will? It's a bit depressing, but at least I am self aware enough to deal with it.



  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    You'll eventually grow out of it. Society says you need to be a committed relationship and you may feel that it is weird that you have an amazing girl that you can't bring yourself to stay faithful. Its like a top free agent that has a great team interested in him, however, still shops around to see whats out there. Its only natural that when you have options, you owe it to yourself to explore them.

  2. i dont c y would cheat on her if u were to tell her u'd be committed...dont be a heartbreaker straight up

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Staying in one a while is totally necessary

  4. I've been thinking about that too Sinn, and have yet to find the perfect solution. Savoy does circles right, how do you feel about that?