Sunday, July 29, 2007

Recipe for LMR

Take 1 part Printer buying me too many drinks
1 part me not gaming at all or doing anything but telling her I'm trying to band her
Add 1 part bad sexual escalation

Stir and you end up with my night last night.

I pulled a pretty hot girl and I ended up having sex with her breasts, but couldn't nail the full close. El topo closed an off duty stripper and he's now in the lead at 8. CJ and I pulled on Thursday night and I got a BJ and Fri I closed the girl from Tuesday night's festivities.

It's a crazy environment when you get 5 new lays in a month and feel like your game sucks this month... Who would have known. It almost feels like this is what Project Hollywood was supposed to be like. We hang out all the time and push each other to make more money, get more women, and get in better shape.

Who knew I'd find the place I best fit in so far away from where I thought it would be...


1 comment:

  1. Carlos10:17 AM

    Fuckers! that does sound like fun. I gotta come visit you guys sometime.