Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sexual roles...

One thing that I thik is really interesting, is the way people tend to take up the roles sexually that may not fit what they actually want. Women are really sexually repressed, because of cultural programming.

Another interesting aspect of roles, is the idea that women will accept roles, based on their perception of your role. What I mean is that if you assume the role of fun party guy, and the girl is attracted and accepting of that role, you will be giving her permission to party more, drink more etc.. This is one of the reasons that role-playing is such a great tactic. The role she assumes allows her to act in what would otherwise be a socially unacceptable behavior.

I've been thinking even more about how the sexual roles we assume lead to the responses we get from women. The more brazen and openly sexual I become in my game, the faster I get laid and the more wild the sex becomes, as women can tell that I am not judging them and therefore, I become a canvas for their sexual fantasies... Lately I've had a lot fo girls LOVING the dirty talk. And my new close last night begged me to fuck her, because I told her to. This stuff never happened to me until I assumed the identity of a sexual guy. I talk freely about sex, I tell girls I'm trying to get them in to bed or that I am imagining fucking them on a table in a club. And I talk about it freely. I also have started doing dirty talk in the venues. The more I do these things the faster I get laid and with more and more wild sex...

Furthermore, I think that it could be interesting to talk to women about the roles, they play sexually, this builds on some stuff me and CJ, were talking about a couple days ago about framing her values as being in line with same night sex...

Anyway just thinking out loud...



  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Your last 2 posts are awesome. Stuff finally makes sense.

  2. hey Sinn,
    2 night ago i opened my first sets.. SUCCESS i opened a group of 2 guys 3 girls really well, i was so nervous but just acted relaxed and cool. the target was a 9 and like 4 years older then me and i negged right and told some random story about a retarded dog and they ate it up. i got my friend to come by and give 50 pounds and talk a bit then i went and opened a group that ended up being a family ha ha.. and it worked too tho the dad was real suspicious. if you want the read the full story and give me some help(i need!) my email is


  3. Danjer3:16 AM

    I've had this work for me. HB was at my place and asked where my room was my reply was "If you go in there you have to get naked. It's the law." She returned to the couch but half hour later was askingto go to my room.