Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is Not For Everyone

Yo, yo, yo...

I've decided I'm going to start accepting private clients again. This is something that I have not done for a while, but it's the FASTEST way I know to get to a world class skill level at pick-up (the top 1%). So if you aspire to be ridiculously good with women, then this might be something you'd be interested in.

By ridiculously good, I mean being able to get legitimate 9 and 10s (actresses, models, dancers) regularly; consistent 10 minute lays; consistent same night and same day lays; threesomes on a regular basis, etc. This is the level that most pick-up instructors and guys that are simply "good" never get to.

Anyway, I'm looking to take one, maybe two private clients to work with me intensively for the next year. By intense I mean there will be regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching calls, personalized routine stacks, fashion consultations, and at least four weekends of live-infield training of just me and you. You'll also get access to the 12 Months to Mastery curriculum.

As you can tell, this training is NOT for everyone. I've found that the private clients that get the most out of this kind of training are typically between 32 and 45 years old. Most are successful businessmen that spent so much time and energy during their early years making money that they never learned how to get good with girls.

The important thing here is that they are successful guys that TAKE ACTION and are actually willing to implement the things we'll talk about.

As you might imagine, this program is NOT for everyone and is NOT going to be cheap. So please don't email me looking for a discount or giving me a reason why I should train you for free.

If you're reading this, you probably already know if this is right for you or not. If so, then send an email to with "Private Client Application Request" in the subject line and we'll begin the application process. Applications will be accepted until this Friday at midnight.

Again, I'm only taking at most two private clients and all things being equal, preference will be given to those that get their applications in first.

That's all I got for now,



  1. Mr. Sinn,

    i just read your first chapter, its very insiteful, thanks for the free tips, my finances come in by the month and are already predetermined for next month in a capitol building project. however you may rest assured that i will give you my business in the near future. thank you again for taking your time to help men everywhere. -cwf-

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    How much is it going to be?

  3. Anonymous6:38 AM

    after the registrations are done can u tell the initials (MD,CG,whatever)of those only 2 ppl u selected?

    so we won t believe it s just a marketing gimmick and are 2 ppl only


  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Presumably, things like cost, proof of exclusivity etc. would be suitable topics for discussion with genuine potential clients, rather than "Anonymous". Yes?

  5. I want to sign up for the private training, tell me how.....