Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Healthy Living Equals Better State

We all know that state is extremely important when it comes to… well life. But one of the interesting things I’ve noticed, is that your body will actually reward you for doing the right things.

Play a couple games of pickup basketball, feel glowing, alive and refreshed.

Smoke a bunch of cigarettes and get drunk(Which is fun at the time) leaves you dehydrated, gross feeling and tired…

Pick up is very similar to self help. As you become a better person, you get better results with women. Everything in your life either helps or hurts your game. That doesn’t mean you need to rush out there and worry about what dish washing detergent attracts women better. But you should look at what habits and lifestyle choices will help you get the results you want.

If we know we do better at pick up when we are in state, we should aim to be in state as much of the time as possible. If we live a healthy lifestyle, we will be in state more and stack yet another odd in our favor. Which is mostly what game is about anyway…

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  1. This is very true.

    I have also noticed that being organized, managing time better, getting rid of waste and a bit of meditation gets me in a good state for the whole day.

    I think this is because your body naturally rewards you for those things and you feel more centered and you get out of the usual "reactive mode" where you go about your day getting pushed around emotionally all the time without any sense of control.