Friday, April 03, 2009

Player Game Part 3: Quirkiness

Welcome back to the blog that has it all, intrigue, suspense, humor, extra Ns…

Today’s Friday and we’re wrapping up The Player Game series with what I consider the lynch pin to avoiding the dreaded “player vibe” that prevents guys from building attraction in this unique way.

That is quirkiness.

One of the things that I notice with girls that I hook up with is that while they understand that girls like me and I understand girls, but they feel like they’re unique for liking me when I’m this open and unapologetically different from other guys who approach girls.

When being quirky it’s important to remember the idea of self amusement. Over the years, I’ve done things like talk about my huge cock, discuss V for Vendetta for 20 minutes, explain why Batman actually always kicks Superman’s ass in the comics, explain why Sex and The City has the best characterization on TV, talked about my family’s bizarre habit of raising grievances at the holidays. I’ve even discussed the individual rivalries in tennis and successfully seduced girls that night.

You have to be really into what you’re talking about while you’re talking about it. You also need to be able to make the subject interesting to women, this means using lots of emotional language, explaining why you like or don’t like things. Giving a different viewpoint from the commonly accepted one and presenting your reasons. Anything that you’re really passionate about will transfer and help you attract women.

Actually let me back track, you can’t talk about LITERALLY anything. Though I have seen girls get seduced by talk of shit, and eating abortions, most people’s personalities are not going to enable them to get away with it. You want to stay away from gross stuff, bodily functions, anything judgemental, boring subjects that women have no interest or commonalities with. It’s also important to put the focus on individual relationships even if they’re between you and inanimate objects. I often refer to my relationship with my car as an abusive relationship. It breaks down on me and I love it. You should also look for ways to relate it to the things she’s told you about herself. Especially if you can build the frame that you’re both weird. But that’s another post in itself.

I’ve written before about quirkiness here :

But recognize that weird commonalities and finding a way to connect with her on a less used/likely way is the key to Player Game.



  1. "this means using lots of emotional language"

    I think the reason why I constantly forget to do this is because I'm not quite sure why this would work. So, why?

  2. This is an awesome post! I completely agree about the connecting on unusual stuff, IME that is really powerful to create a sense of conspiracy beteen you and girls.