Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Retain F**k Buddies Part 1- Scheduling

Hey guys,

Happy Hump day, in more ways than one ☺

Today I want to start another advanced series on the blog. As everyone whose read my blog over the last few years knows, I’m not a big fan of monogamous relationships. Not because I think monogamy is wrong. I’m actually much more adamantly opposed to Polamory. But I just know that monogamy has no place in my current lifestyle/occupation. So since I don’t get into boyfriend/girlfriend type relationships, what do I do?

I keep between 3-7 fuck buddies around at all times. A fuck buddy is essentially a friend with benefits. Since I’m very good at this type of relationship, I wanted to write about it for guys having problems keeping girls interest after sex.

The first part of retaining a fuck buddy, comes the day after you have sex with her. Regardless of whether or not she spends the night ( I personally don’t always like having girls stay over) if you want to see her again in any capacity, you need to text or call her. A lot of girls get really insecure after they sleep with a guy. Especially if it’s the first night you met or your first date.

I like to send a very friendly, funny text message. Something that preferably plays on an inside joke from earlier. Here’s an example from a couple days ago where the girl was an environmentalist.

“ Hey you, I think we may not be able to hang out ever again… I just littered with a cigarette butt. It’s not you it’s me ☺”

What you don’t want to do if you only want an FB relationship is send something overly sentimental like “ I had a great time last night!” or “ I really like you”. Keep it casual.

Then the next step to retention is to not have the noticeable drop off in calls and texts. A lot of guys ( Myself included sometimes) tend to call or text girls less after they sleep with them. This has a lot to do with the male-female sexual power dynamic ( A blog post coming soon) but it’s always a mistake because it will make the girl start questioning things instead of just enjoying interacting with you.

Then you want to set up plans for a WEEKDAY. This is huge, when you’re dealing with fuck buddies it’s important that you see them once a week or once every two weeks. This is an extremely important schedule.

If you see them more often than once a week, they will start to expect a more committed relationship. If you see them less than every two weeks, then you’ll have problems with consistency.

Personally I like to see 3-4 girls a week, with one new date a week and two nights of gaming.

It’s also important that you don’t see the girl consistently on the same day every week. I used to do this with my rotation, until a few girls asked me why I only saw them on Thurs. Vary it up.

That takes care of scheduling, tomorrow I’ll talk about Honesty and Expectations.



  1. Anonymous9:45 AM


    Perfect timing, I appreciate you commencing this series! Thank You.

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Great post Sinn. One thing I learned with one of my FBs was that I got into the easy habit of just texting her over and not talking enough on the phone/hangout in balance with the fucking. My sarcasm was really what got things going, but over text its not the same, so it fizzled after couple of months.

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Be green, recycle your f-buddies, and share them with your fellow lair members! :-)

  4. fader7:02 PM

    I want to know what you are doing posting on your blog at 7 am.

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM

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