Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Player Game Part 1: Savability

Hey guys,

I’ve been really looking at a lot of the stuff I do when I’m meeting women now. One of the things that’s been pointed out to me multiple times by people like CJ and others is how much I flaunt a promiscuious lifestyle.

I’ve heard Savoy talk a little about how he runs Player game and it got me intrigued to see how I’m actually using this.

So in getting back in the spirit of consistent high quality blog post breakdowns I’m going to write a 3 part series on what I do to convey promiscuity without getting player vibe or trust issues (AKA LMR). . I do want to note that this stuff is for somewhat advanced for use in attraction, but will not work if you don’t already get asked if you’re a player or come off as a guy girls like. If you come off as a guy who doesn’t get girls it will not work and will look SUPER try hard.

The first thing I noticed actually came from a conversation I had with my buddy Cam. He noticed that I consistently tell girls I’m a horrible person who will ruin them for all other men. Now while I consider that true, it starts one of the main themes of my game. What I like to call Savability.

Now while I love to create words for their own sake, savability refers to the idea of letting girls know that while you are a player, you have the capability to be saved. Most women have a nurturing nature that kicks in at some point if they’re attracted. This is why 35 year old guys who still think they’re bands are going to make it while they live at home, get girls.

I first noticed this characteristic in Future and El Topo. Because they are crazy artistic types, they both have a lot of emotional storms that they used to get girls to do things for them. In fact one time in Orlando ET helped me concoct a fake emotional storm to get this really hot girl to pick me up from the airport.

So I adopted this to my promiscuity. I would talk a lot about how I really do like sex with one person more and that my ex and I did crazy experimentation. Then I’ll talk about how now I’m more into just keeping things casual.

Another key tweak comes for savability comes in the form of preselection. Again I have to credit Future for seeing this in his real life. The idea is that at some point you tell a story about an ex fiancée. By showing that you at one time had the ability to commit long term, you again strengthen the girl’s resolve to save you.

Another thing that helps with savability is demonstrating a strong passion for something you haven’t accomplished yet. You’ll see almost everyone nowadays talk about demonstrating passion. However they don’t add the part about not having accomplished it yet because of your fatal flaw.

The fatal flaw was the final concept I figured out involving savability. I first noticed this when I was watching the Television show “ Californication.” That shows main character Hank Moody deserves a separate blog post of his own, but he really cemented the idea of including a fatal flaw. Mystery has often talked about vulnerability, but the fatal flaw takes it a step further. My fatal flaw actually happens to be my inability to commit or emotionally attach. Everyone has a reason that they’re not as successful, this can help you get girls. Be aware not to make it something that contradicts the major attraction switches. You don’t want your fatal flaw to be that you are a loser among men, de-selected by women and a destroyer of loved ones. Further more it shouldn’t be something that says you are not fun, confident, dominant, or interesting. When it works well it actually makes you more interesting and realistic since you don’t intimidate her once she knows what’s wrong with you.

I’ll be back at you guys tomorrow with the second part of this article: Lack of Remorse

Talk to ya soon,



  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Cool article. I have noticed that I build a connection with girls more quickly by talking about my emotional problems and vulnerabilities openly. Women seem to have some biological drive to help you out and contribute to "the team" so to speak.

  2. I just wanted to comment on your "Californication" reference.

    First of all, when the fuck is that show coming back on? Hank Moody is the man and he should be a separate blog post because his "player game" is beyond anything I have ever seen.

    I can't find the word to compare him to Mr. Big but those two are very related and there is A LOT guys can learn from the two of them.

  3. Anonymous12:13 PM

    nah we all just noticed how you're full of shit and we never see you with girls!

  4. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Yea Sinn wheres your proof?

  5. jason3:53 PM

    nice breakdown mate!

    really like the ideas and your quirky humour you spin into it...


  6. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Take a bootcamp with him and you'll have all the proof you need. Sinn has evolved and is too classy to post pictures of girls he likes just to satisfy all of you.

  7. I hope you've read the art of seduction because he writes about a tactic that is known as showing strategic weakness. It's basically the same thing as savability.

  8. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Christan Troy from Nip/Tuck is a great example. His problem is, that he can't emotionally connect with women.

  9. Player vibe? I just bring up how an Ex-Fiancee f--cked me up for a while..


    Funny how a couple weeks ago, I learned you were saying that in an Infield Insider video to kill Player Vibe... lol

    It's kind of weird that once I get a girl real interested and all over me, I tell her she don't want me... she asks why, and I'll be, cause I'm a heartbreaker.. you are too of a nice girl.. makes it so much easier to do what you are there to do for both of you.. no strings attached on both ends..