Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hypnotica Clarification

Ok, so now Hypnotica seems to be trying to dodge the issue ( His IMO creepy and ineffective teaching style, and stuff he peddles to you guys looking for help) with another issue (Who is better with girls, him or I)

First, I don't care who is better with girls. I'm insanely happy with my sex life right now, and no longer feel the need to prove myself to anyone. I call this progress. I'm pretty sure I'd dominate the shit out of him in a nightclub, bar, or daytime cold approach. But it doesn't matter. I no longer subscribe to the "who's better" school of thinking or lame dick measuring culture contained within. If people can't see the value in what I have to teach and my student's success, so be it.

The issue here again IMO is Hypnotica's lame attempts to try to bully me out of my (informed) opinion. Through veiled threats and impotent challenges.

I've seen the dude on like 5 products. I have a Master's Prac in NLP, I've gone through all 3 of Hypnotica's products ( Deep Phone Seduction, The Sphinx Of The Imagination, and Core Confidence or whatever the fuck it was called) After watching all of that, in my opinion, what the dude is teaching is creepy, useless state pumping bullshit, and identity centric escalation models. It's nothing personal, I just don't believe a student can get better with your material. I'm sure it's what you THINK is working for you, but that's probably just because you're very into all of your hypnotic-woo-woo stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not practical for the average guy looking to get better with women.

No matter how much noise Hypnotica makes, this is not going to change. Nor will I be quiet about it when I'm asked for my opinion on products I've studied. You don't like it, move to somewhere without the freedom of speech...

Unless Hypnotica can show me something I'm not comprehending about what he's teaching, and using...

My opinion will remain the same...

If you want to shut me up Hypnotica, educate me about your methods and show me real results (for anyone) from your teachings.

Where are your student's success stories?

I've met Neil and Eben after you worked with them and their inner game... Not so good.

I've met students who did hours of EXPENSIVE one on one hypnosis with you and still couldn't approach girls in the real world...

I'm fully willing to " have my eyes opened." if you really believe in what you're doing and want to change my mind. If not, I'm still gonna give my opinion on it, when I'm asked about it.

My email address if you want to handle this like an adult instead of a nearly 40 year old toddler, is easy to guess, sinn at sinnsofattraction.com

This will be my final post about this situation, no matter how many comments you all leave.

We're back to content tomor.

And Sinn and The Cities Episode 8 will be up soon.



  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Pussy, you backed down!

  2. hypnotica10:28 AM

    Sinn now i just feel sorry for you. You need help. There is no way you have ever talked to my "students" who paid me. I have only done barter with students. i haven't charged one person directly. The only person that was ever charged was via mehow and it was a three day one on one. The next day...he met the girl of his dreams and just got a letter they are getting married you can confirm with mehow. Anyways word of advice stop Trying to bash everyone it doesn't help the community that is trying to help men.

    1. Anonymous10:50 PM

      hey... Uh... Stop fighting and teach me how to get laid.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Nice! What are the chances of a Sinn vs. Hypnotica on pay-per-view in the octagon? ..... for charity.

  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Hmm...this is disappointing.

    You challenged Hypnotica and now you are chickening out? If you are so confident about beating him in an infield challenge why are you backing out from this?

    I think it would be really cool if the challenge took place.

  5. What do you have to lose?

    Especially if you think you can beat him why do you want to back down from the challenge?

    You are doing the same you did with Mehow 2 years ago. First you challenge and then you chicken out.

    Come on Sinn, lets make this happen. There is nothing immature about this, challenges are fun. And do you know how much publicity you would get from this? It is good for everyone.

  6. Anonymous11:33 AM

    If you think you would “dominate the shit out of him in a nightclub, bar, or daytime cold approach” why are you backing down now?

  7. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I personally have been through hypnosis therapy and it did not really work for me. Some of the subliminal stuff I believe can help your state, but really this is all trial and error. You cant learn how to swim thru hypnosis - you have to jump in the water. I have listened to Hypnotica's material and while their maybe be benefits, I am more in your camp Sinn.

  8. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Let the battle of alpha males begin...woot woot!

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    As a daily reader of this blog I'm pissed that you guys spam shit like this and escalate it, we are here to gain our masculinity back. Don't you see that arguing amongst other men like this is not gaining our masculinity back? Masculinity is the broad term I use for "why you came into pickup" (probably because you are a pussy).

    Sinn has a valid point. If Hypnotica is teaching stuff that is false, then Hypnotica has every RIGHT to be called out because he is cheating people.

    I can say the above because Sinn has produced results for me, by listening to his advice.

    As for the pick up contest... man, I would love to see it! But you can't really do it because... the goal would be a SNL. And for a SNL to occur you have to screen and just go for logistics... so you can't even "judge" it. It's retarded... regardless, I'd like to see you guys infield haha.


  10. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I completely agree with Sinn on this one. He isn't saying Hypnotica can't pick up women..he's saying that his teaching style is ineffective for most normal guys. What will a pua showdown prove about hypnotica's teaching style? Nothing.

    People need to quit bitching about how sinn is being a pussy for not taking the challenge and see the true meaning of his post. If hypnotica is so confident in his style why won't he do his voodoo on Sinn.

    i think hypnotica is being the pussy on this one.

  11. Whether or not you care who's better Sinn, if you think you are better then why not prove it and collect $5000 or more?

    I've been sticking up for you so I hope you don't let me down.

  12. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I've yet to meet a Sinn student who has actually gotten better with women

  13. why do so many people hate Sinn?

  14. Anonymous3:10 PM

    All I can say is that Hypnotica's 'infield insider', although not particularly outstanding, was WAY more impressive than Sinn's. Sinn was just spouting out 4-year old Mystery routines verbatim! Until there's a real contest, Hypnotica has the edge I'm afraid!

  15. Anonymous3:15 PM

    "I've yet to meet a Sinn student who has actually gotten better with women"

    Word. Future, El Topo, Fader, half the Love Systems instructor. Those guys suck...

  16. tyler durden3:46 PM

    because he pussied out.

    sinn: put your money where oyu mouth is or shut up..

    hypnotica: $$$$$

    sinn:.... (i'm a pussy)

  17. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Hypnotica is an inner game guru, it is not comparable with what you teach. But that doesn't mean it is worthless.

    You can't just call someone out and say you would own him infield and then pussy out when he challenges you, that's really lame.

    If Matador challenged you, would you also pussy out?

    I really like you, but it's kinda sad to see you not step up here.

  18. Anonymous4:47 PM

    most of what you see is not real, whether sinn is better or hypnotica is creepy, does that help you into vaginas?!

    as for infield insider, how do we know that stuff wasn't staged?

    mehow is a fag, hypnotica is a creep (along with ross jeffries, david deangelo, and most nlp practicioners...), and sinn is probably a chubby chaser,...

    once again, so what? knowing all this, does that help you get to fuck girls, no? quit getting worked up manufactured hype/controversy and go work on yourself instead. if you care so much about these guys, you are a fag too! :-)

  19. Anonymous4:51 PM

    ""I've yet to meet a Sinn student who has actually gotten better with women"

    Word. Future, El Topo, Fader, half the Love Systems instructor. Those guys suck..."

    Haha too true. As for this "challenge"....everyone keeps saying sinn challenged first HOWEVER sinn's challenge was NOT a pickup challenge. Once again, how the hell would a pickup challenge prove anything about teaching ability?

    God I feel like this is highschool...two groups of fans trying to get their guy to fight so they can be the more popular group at school!

  20. "hypnotica is a creep (along with ross jeffries, david deangelo, and most nlp practicioners...), and sinn is probably a chubby chaser,..."

    David Deangelo is a creep? The fuck?

  21. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Do I smell a new "Key's to the VIP" episode??!?!

    gosh that would be SWEEEEEEEET!!

  22. I give this feud 3 dismissive wanks out of five and 2 bonus eye rolls.

  23. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I took a SinnsOfAttraction bootcamp in August 2008 and I was very impressed with Sinn and his ideas. The guy seems very realistic about his approach on the game and will tell you straight out what is bullshit vs. what isn't bullshit. He did more for my inner game in a day than I thought was realistically possible. Big props to you man.

    I really think that hes also being mature about the situation and not trying to "alpha-male" hynotica. He's just saying that its NOT PERSONAL, and that he just doesn't believe that hypnotica's teaching would work for the average student. Thats fair to say, I see nothing wrong with that. Hypnotica is twisting this situation into a one on one...what difference is a one on one going to make in terms of who's teachings are better??? I mean if I were you guys in the community I would worry more about your ass getting scammed by bullshit artists than a stupid one on one.

    Like I said Sinn's stuff works (the guy even gave us a free in-field workshop!).

  24. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Sinn, I understand your side of things. Just because you don't agree with his teachings doesn't mean that you have to take him up on his challenge. What about a video of a day in the life of Sinn?

  25. Anonymous11:37 PM

    "I have a Master's Prac in NLP"

    lol...i have a driver licence so i guess i know how to drive even a F1car.

    don t talk shitty about hypnotica products when your lay book it s the one of the worst product ever out there.

  26. Hey Sinn,

    I agree with you that Hypnotica's teaching methods are not a good idea for students. In fact, I know several people who have had a rough couple weeks after doing his inner game work (not being able to think straight, etc.).

    However, if you're not going to take him up on his challenge, you lose the right to say "I'm pretty sure I'd dominate the shit out of him in a nightclub, bar, or daytime cold approach."

    If you are not going to face him, quit talking shit and just acknowledge he's really good but it doesn't matter.


  27. Anonymous12:41 AM


    Sinn: If security wasn't here, I could beat the shit out out you.

    Hypnotica: Let's go outside then.

    Sinn: No, it's cold out... but I could still kick your ass!

    Do I have this right?

  28. How exactly would you guys judge the "challenge" anyway? What would the goal be? An SNL? And then what happens if both guys get an SNL? Do we judge on the physical attractiveness of the girl? That wouldn't work because we each rate girls differently.

    Maybe we could have an arrangement like they have on "The Ultimate Fighter" like Sinn's students vs Hypnotica's students and then Sinn vs Hypnotica at the end. Judging it would still be really hard though.

  29. Anonymous1:07 AM

    To his defence, did Sinn ACTUALLY challenge Hypnotica to an infield sarge off or did that come from someone's imagination?

    The only thing I actually heard from Sinn is that he challenged Hypnotica to change his mind about his teachings, I am not sure about the "Sinn challenging Hypnotica infield" part.

  30. how about a spit roast challenge?

  31. Anonymous4:54 AM


    1. John (Sinn) says Eric (Hypnotica) is creepy.

    2. Eric says John has it wrong and is willing to hang out with John in order to show him he's got it all wrong.

    3. John says "I'm cool with that, come down here and show me, I'll view you with an open mind".

    4. Eric does what now? shouts some "let's do a PUA challenge and put money on it" crap?

    Seriously who gives a shit?

    Remember: At the end of the day pickup is the pinnacle of home improvement.

  32. Anonymous7:31 AM

    How about you guys worry about yourself and wrapp your cock with some vaginas?

    Instead you guys are so busy wrapping your mouth and/or your anus about some guy on the internet... why should you give a shit Hypnotica or Sinn is better?

    Are you such a pussy or a fag that you would rather sit in the sidelines of life and turn pickup into a spectator sport because you already rule yourself out to be a contender?!

    Look at the fucking mirror, did you get to pound some vags last night? Or would you rather keep going to blogs/forums just to mutually masturbate each other and you would give your left nut just to fellate your favorite guru?

    If you think Hypnotica's bullshit works, go creep out girls with that shit. If you think Sinn's bullshit works, go get some chubs drunk and take them home. Quit worry about others and do something about your miserable existence.

    I'll go rub one out now... you can watch because I'm sure that's also too hard for you to accomplish too. Fucking fags!

  33. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Sinns infield insider sucked

  34. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Watching Hypnotica's infield insider, I can say that he has a VERY strong frame and is just very persistent. He sucks people into his world and basically corners women into agreeing to sleep with him. Nothing wrong with that. But in terms of actual game, I'd have to give the edge to Sinn. He seems to know more about the whole dynamics of how male/female interactions unfold. He also has a more playful vibe compared to Hypnotica's serious, solid eye contact stare down vibe, which I think girls will feel more comfortable around. Overall, both have different styles, but in terms of actual game, SINN >>>>>> Hypnotica

  35. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Sick to the pick-up and lifestyle advice Sinn, this post is very poor form. You're better than that...

  36. Anonymous11:22 PM

    let us not forget about Mehows pick videos with sinn and Hyonotica where hypnotica made a better impression on the video tape of live taped cold approach

  37. Those guys that say Sinn and Love Systems suck... what methods do you follow? I'm curious as I thought LS were pretty good...?

  38. Those guys that say Sinn and Love Systems suck... what methods do you follow? I'm curious as I thought LS were pretty good...?

  39. Anonymous11:20 AM

    "All I can say is that Hypnotica's 'infield insider', although not particularly outstanding, was WAY more impressive than Sinn's. Sinn was just spouting out 4-year old Mystery routines verbatim! Until there's a real contest, Hypnotica has the edge I'm afraid!"


  40. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Glad someone is calling out a few of the bullshit artists.

    Frankly, if some kind of deep hypnosis mind-meld inner game shit was capable of propelling guys to wondrous results, it will be well known in all sorts of fields. Every CEO would be doing it. The president would have his own private hypnotist.

    In fact, many people have looked at hypnosis (starting with Sigmund Freud who was initially a hypno therapist bw), and decided it is largely useless. Except. ... except... out in the bullshit laden pickup community a Hypnotica type can run around making surreal, unsubstantiated claims and still get invited to all the PUA summits.

    Love, Page

  41. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Ego vs ego.

  42. Samson9:29 PM

    Guys, this kindda attitude is embarrassing and so immature! when somebody is providing us knowledge, we gotta respect them! personally, Ive listened and watched both of these guys' products and really learned from both of them! I am not even fluent in English but can see the difference in my dating life here in America since I started to learn these stuff! so please don make it a hell of disappointment and discouragement! cuz this argument just sends really bad signals to me! cheers guys!

  43. Anonymous6:30 AM

    As i do respect both the guys and i hate of only using one style of seduction i have looked at both Sinn and Hypnotica, I feel that Sinn's comments of Hypnotica's products are wrong and at the moment are the only thing in the seduction world that are teaching something new. Having also seen the Mehow infiled vids with Hypnotica i thought Hypnotica took Mehow's style and made it his own, watching the infiled stuff proves him to have some of the best game i've seen.

    Spread the love Carmel Skin

  44. Anonymous3:34 AM

    The easiest way to settle a dispute about training style would be for both instructors to take on a couple of completely AFC students each, mentor them for a week then get them to compete in some sort of challenge. Whose ever student(s) gets the most sex in a week wins!

  45. Anonymous10:32 AM

    So when do we all grow up?
    Talk about real men all you want, you're all just little boys fighting in a sandbox. Excuse me, gotta go feed my children.

  46. Anonymous11:36 AM

    For two people that pride themselves on being alpha males I must say that your acting like little bitches. I am currentley experimenting with some of hypnoticas products and though their have been some benifits i cant say i have tried them well enough to comment on the matter, if you are both so hung up on how brilliant your own products are i suggest you leave each other alone like good little children. I am sure that many people have benefited from products made by both "gurus" but this bullshit is damaging to a community once built to help men and share ideas.

  47. Anonymous3:41 PM

    this is bullshit. Pua's making everything complicated so we get confused and pay for a bootcamp. Pua gurus downing each other on message boards to kill the competition. I have yet to see a PUA guru who genuinely wants to help people and not charge 100,000 dollars for a 3 day bootcamp.