Friday, April 10, 2009

Cutting Space

Yo, yo, yo…

Today I’m going to be keeping the blog post short and simple with a hugely underutilized tactic.

That is physically cutting space. I remember reading about this in TD’s archive years ago and it totally changed my game.

When you are talking to a girl too many guys are content to stay in what I like to call the polite guy zone. That’s what’s generally regarded as personal space 18-36 inches away from said attractive lady… Now while the Polite guy zone is useful for the first 3-5 minutes to let the girl get comfortable with you. Once she’s shown she likes you it’s time to cut in to the sexy guy zone.

There are three keys to physically cutting space smoothly.

The first one is to lead with your hips, not your shoulder. A lot of guys will barrel into a woman’s personal space making her very uncomfortable and in some extreme cases making her move back. Instead we want to lead from the hips and bring our lower body closer first then close space with our upper body. Believe me this makes much more sense when I can physically demonstrate it.

The second key is to is to break it down into a series of small movements. I personally like to take a small step towards the girl with one foot and then simply bring my back foot forward.

Lastly you want to make sure you cut space into her face, so that you are talking to her 3-5 inches in front of her space. This is hugely underrated as you can get faster makeouts, talk dirty in her ear, or simply give her smoldering bedroom eyes. None of which you can do if you’re in the polite guy zone.

Remember to cut in the next time you’re trying to escalate with a girl.



  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Awesome. Personal space is so important yet nobody talks about it.

  2. how does cutting space relate to leaning back and leaning againset something?

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Hypnotica is coming!

  4. Chica.

    Because you never want to crowd a girls space, pecking/lean in (ie. what every guy does), so by leaning back you can actually get the girl desensitized to you being close to her (your legs are in her space) while you're leaning back and not crowding her space or pecking.

    This stuff is largely covered by Vin DiCarlo who's mantra is 'touch a girl for a non-sexual reason, inadvertently, and then later, when she's comfortable, overtly sexually'

  5. Can you demonstrate your lower-body then upper-body move on video, since you're saying "Believe me this makes much more sense when I can physically demonstrate it"