Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sticking point clusters

Hey guys,

As I sit here in beautiful Hawaii preparing for my Teleseminar tomor, I wanted to share a newish thought about sticking points.

A sticking point for those who don't know is a problem area in your game that consistently stops you from having success with women. Sticking points can be inner game related-like approach anxiety,they can be outer game focused-like body language and running out of things to say, or they can be a combination-like escalation anxiety.

So what is the running theme of sticking points? They all happen in clusters. It's very rare that you will have 2 to 3 completely unrelated sticking points. Instead you will generally have a few SPs that bunch together and cause your interactions to stop working.

I just did a call with one of my long term coaching students Dr Love where we discussed his two interrelated day game sticking points. The first one was not being able to remember his material. Because of this he rushed into qualification and often ended up sounding like he was giving a job interview. This led to his other sticking point of not being able to make qualification stick. Most problems in your game generally occur in the stage before you see the bad result. For example if you open badly, it will be much harder to get attraction, if you rush through attraction, it will be much harder to build compliance based qualification, and so on and so forth. That's why it's critical to be able to CORRECTLY diagnose your sticking points. DR Love felt his sticking points were body language, clothing and appearence. When he fixed these three he still had trouble hooking sets. The reason those were just the beginning sticking points he had to deal with.

On this last call I did with Dr Love we really blasted through both of those sticking points! So much so that i wanted to share the call with you guys, to give you a feel for how to do Sticking Point Analysis(TM Captain Jack). You can download the call:


To learn more about how to diagnose your own sticking points and put them into an action plan for success, be sure not to miss my free Teleseminar tomorrow on " The 7 Steps to Becoming a Master Pick Up Artist in 12 Months or Less"

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P.S: I have 4 Lay reports upcoming from the superconference weekend, as well as my running diary of the Pick Up Artist Episode 2. So stay tuned!!!


  1. Thanks for holding this, Sinn. I'll definitely be on the call.

  2. Thanks, I'm excited. I'll be on the call for sure.

  3. Mr. Pink11:15 PM

    HAWAII?! You dirty guy! No bootcamps while you're here?? lol...Well enjoy your stay and I'm looking forward to the teleseminar tomorrow :)

  4. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I listened to the coaching call and it is very very helpful. Thank you!