Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pick Up Artist Season 2 Episode 1 Running Diary

Hey guys,

I wrote this last night while I watched the first episode of VH1's second season of " The Pick Up Artist." This season I'll be posting my running diary every Monday. There will be special guest appearences from the various people I watch the show with.

The show starts with an Annoying montage of the "lovable losers" walking up inter spliced with scenes of hot girls partying in the mansion pool. I'm as conflicted about this scene as I am about the show in general.

Why am I conflicted you ask?

Well contrary to popular belief, I actually like Mystery and am happy for his success. I saw how badly he wanted to be famous and I'm glad that he's finally there, given his immense talents. That said Matador's a huge tool. As well as possibly the most insane, violent, insecure person I've ever met. So it actually hurts my world view and respect for people in general to see him succeed. Not me at my most enlightened but what-evs. So I'm watching half hoping for it to go well for them and half hoping for a disaster.

One of the guys just pulled out a black book, obviously the writers for this show have not escaped the 70s.

So who are the guys?

Rian-28 year old virgin, seems like the most emotionally frail of all these guys. He needs a kick in the ass.

Carl- This guy got cheated on. I think he's officially my favorite given my world famous dislike of cheating and cheaters.

Matt- This guy is just kind of a dork. He's not anywhere near hopeless and will probably do decentlty once he fixes his fashion and his eagerness.

Greg- This guy is on a 9 year dry spell. I had a 2 year dry spell between losing my virginity and actually getting into the game, so I can sympathize. The hair and glasses need to go though.

Bryan- I'm glad they have 2 Asian guys on here as that's fairly representative of the breakdown in bootcamps. This guy spells words out to help him not stutter. I think the spelling is weirder and worse than the stutter.

Kevin- The other Asian guy is actually fairly good looking. I'm pretty sure he works with The Asian Playboy.

Alex- This guy definitely has the least to work with. He's morbidly obese, super effeminate and wears a large gold chain. I'll be very surprised if Mystery doesn't think it's great peacocking.

It's hysterical how Mystery still uses the exact same phrases and inflections. Here he calls and ends the call with his signature "fair?" The more things change, the more they stay the same.

One guy talks about how he Mystery was on his list of people to meet. This is horrifying to me. Until I remember I was like that too. It still sounds lame though. It's actually representative of a scarcity mentality. If out of all the people on Earth you want to meet someone who can help you get laid more, your priorities are far out of whack and you probably come off desperate to most women.

The gang comes out to meet Mystery and his crew and wouldn't ya know it, Mystery almost looks normal.Except for the googles hat. I used to rock the goggles hat when I didn't know any better, but I always wondered why goggles? Besides the fact that they're shiny and shiny things distract Mystery :)

Onto Matador, in addition to looking like Barry Bonds circa 2003, he's rocking the fur vest. In Arizona. With no sleeves. I keep waiting for him to ask if anyone wants tickets to the gun show. He's also rocking a longer wig this year and a 5 o clock shadow. All of this does nothing to stop him from him from being the most disgusting human being I've ever met.

Tara's a hot chick I don't respect because she slept with Mystery. Or so the rumor I've heard goes. I have absolutely no respect for any girl who sleeps with Erik, and have actually canceled dates with girls because of this. Tara is also a REMARKABLY bad actress. She's so unconvincing they have to cut away from her as she's talking about how she believes in what Mystery teaches.

Mystery takes this way too seriously with the teaching your kid stuff. It doesn't sound profound, it just sounds creepy. Honestly how fucked up is your kid going to be if you start talking to him about DHVS and Negs. I wrote about what I would teach my son a few years ago and you can be damn sure it won't have a thing to do with MM.

Shockingly Mystery's using almost the exact same scripts he used last year. I would have NEVER guessed Mystery would repeat himself in the same exact way with the same exact inflection. It's funny because for the first 6 weeks you hang out with Erik, he's awesome. then about 6 weeks in he starts repeating himself. Over and over again. It's like his personality only covers 6 weeks. I think that's why he has trouble holding on to girls long term.

The slaughter is about to begin as the guys go into the club. Obviously the guys are supposed to look really bad so that Mystery and Matador can swoop in and show them how to do it. The best moments come when Kevin asks one of the girls to dig a little deeper, which can be misunderstood on MANY levels. Matt has the required Kosmo-esque freak out. Which means he's now the favorite.

Mystery's always trying to use new words that he thinks sound cool. After he saw one of those Pirates of The Caribbean movies he was using Savvy all the time. It was kinda like in Mean Girls where the one chick was trying to make "fetch" the cool new slang. Or like in High School when my friend Gabe tried to convince us to use slippery instead of tight. Mystery's now trying to bring back the word cat apparently. I think unless you're black you can't make that sound cool. Though Michal Jordan's urban nickname was " The Black Cat". Haha got my random Jordan reference in!

Matador is making fun of the gold chain. Apparently on planet "I'm a loser with father issues" a fur vest is WAY cooler than a big gold chain

Shockingly a group with a bunch of virgins and guys who have never kissed a girl get destroyed in field.

Now it's time for Mystery and Matador to go in. This year they don't peacock. They both do well despite being C list celebrities. Seriously VH1? I know they didn't peacock but they still get recognized as they walk in. You can see it on the show. they're greeted by a mixed group before they say anything as The Pick Up Artist guys... This proves nothing. O.J Simpson still gets laid by hot girls and he allegedly killed his last wife. Fame overrides all game. They should have had a few of VA's approach coaches go in, so that the guys could actually see real cold approaches. I feel like VH1 really dropped the ball here....

After the formalities of the guys being amazed by celebrities making out with girls, it's time for makeovers.

Mystery leads off with a lecture about avatar. Avatar is a dorky word. No one cool says it, why not just talk about your look. Hell even describing it as a character is better than avatar.

Watching the clothes these guys pick out, really hammers home the point that most guys really don't have much fashion sense in general. I mean it's not that hard to tell what looks good and what looks like you're Sonny Crockett.

We get the first almost breakdown of the show by Rian, and Tara does a half assed job of reassuring him. She halfheartedly tells him that EVERYONE has insecurities. Thank you for your insight Tara. I totally see why they got rid of the awesome Jdog for you.

Good idea to have the guy get his teeth fixed. Teeth are an oft overlooked part of your looks. It's a good idea to invest in some cheap whitening strips.

Wow one guy had never had a professional haircut. How does that even happen? I mean at what point do you decide it's not ok for your mom to cut your hair anymore. For me it was like 6.

We have the total rip off of the 40 year old virgin scene when Matt gets waxed. the only thin missing was him screaming at the waxer...

Alex is really effeminate, I actually think he might be gay, but not ready to come out of the closet. My brother went through a similar phase, before kicking the closet door down. I wonder what his home life is like? My guess is he has a really overbearing smothering mother.

Matador is like Mac on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", he never wears sleeves. All that's missing is the tribal tattoo. BTW if you don't watch " It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" you're missing out on the funniest show on TV by far. I recommend going on Hulu now and checking it out. I watched all 3 seasons in like 3 or 4 days. It's hysterical. My favorite episodes are " Mac bangs Dennis' Mom" and " Dennis and Dee go on welfare". You'll thank me for that recommendation later.

Most of the guys look WAY better after their makeovers, most notably Greg. However the styles they put all the guys in are pretty generic. None of them will be the best dressed guy in a bar or club. Especially the guys in the vests. I rocked vests like 2 years ago. It's over let them go... Alex has way too many layers on for his weight. The bigger you are the less you want to pad that with outer shells like the hoody, button down combo he's rocking. Bryan with the fro still looks unkempt and the doo rag makes you a doo-che bag.

Mystery drops the bomb that someone will be going home and it's Alex the morbidly obese effeminate guy. Probably the right call, since he did get opened and not talk to the girl. If you're not gonna take a freebie, you need to leave.

Til next time.


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  1. Duncan11:04 AM

    Thanks for the Game Acceleration, good stuff! Can you tell us what you've personally seen Matador do or his behavior? VH1 only shows the typical poster boy stuff and I'm sure there's others who'd like to know what the real deal is.

  2. Fun read as always. If you want to here more about Matador check out Sinn on Thundercat's podcast.

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    This is hilarious!
    I completely agree with your analysis of the footage. I would even go as far as to say that it was staged and they already knew Mystery and Matador (like last year).
    It's fun to see the show to pay attention to Matador's wig.
    The Mystery repeating himself thing is totally true. I expect that next episode he will start talking about "genes getting weeded out of existance" and how a woman gets hit on 1500 times by age blabla.
    What a douchebag, still teaching the same shit he teached 4 years ago...
    Whatever, I think the show is entertaining, but you are a better teacher than all the VA crew combined.
    There should be a new show where you and a bunch of other guyslive together and they film you going out and shit like that.

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Hey man,

    just finished listening to some audio where afcadam interviews you and you go over some foundamentals. It is fucking awesome, I wish I could have listened to that when I got started in this 2 years ago.

    btw any updates on your lr book?

  5. Cheese Dick1:38 PM

    Nice break-down man, I'll just read these instead of watching the show. The first season was bad enough; I really don't think I could make it through a second one with my sanity intact.

    Oh, and "Mac bangs Denis' mom" is definitely the best Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode ever.

  6. Cameron Teone3:27 PM

    Funny stuff man. I enjoyed it! I haven't seen the first episode, but now I just might have to watch it. The temptation to make fun of it is too great!

  7. You funny!

  8. Anonymous5:03 PM

    haha, loving it!

    it's awesome to catch you speaking freely about community bullshit. your game demands respect from anyone, so i somehow give you authority and belive in the shit you're saying.

    see ya sinn!

  9. The best part of this post is the mention of the philly show..Im exactly 2.08 into season 1 episode 1 and I have already laughed my ass off. "The gang gets racist" is hilarious.. black guy walks in, white dude jumps up "we dont want any trouble!" lmao!

  10. Xander7:34 PM

    If Mystery can get Rian the 28 year old virgin laid, he deserves a fucking Nobel prize.


  11. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Sinn, you seem very bitter about Mystery and Matador. If they get recognized and get girls in a club or bar because of their "fame" then what does that tell you?

  12. I'm rooting for Matt since he looks like Mark Cuban, and he went from dork to Billionaire.

    Its Always Sunny In Philadephia is the shit!

  13. Anonymous8:48 PM

    It should have been you up on that TV screen, not Matador!

    At least you can still sit and home and fantasize about being a C-list celebrity and talk shit about your former friends who made it onto TV when you didn't.

  14. Yea I totally think you're right about Alex being gay. I think Mystery probably knew this too and that's why he cut him from the show. I don't know about Tara sleeping with Mystery, I mean, she claimed that she hasn't slept with any of the guys in an interview with TSB Mag. That obviously doesn't mean it didn't happen though.

    Anyway, hilarious post as always Sinn. What do you think of the format of the show though? I think it's retarded that they have to eliminate someone every week. Wouldn't it be more impressive to turn them all into PUA's? Maybe leave the option out there as a possibility at any given time rather than requiring cuts.

  15. Shit, Idunno man.

    You got October baseball going on. . . NFL football. . . And basketball is getting started. Not to mention college ball. Then you have season 2 of the PUA on VH1 on Sunday night.

    Are you kidding me? I'm banking on Man-Ram getting back to Boston and going yard over the 'Green Monster'.

  16. Dude, thank you. "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is way funny. I can't believe I haven't watched this show. is rad. "Welfare" and "Bangin' the mom" were ridiculous.

    Muchos gracias.

  17. Keep talkin that shit Sinn! By far the most entertaining post I've read so far. Keep up the good work man.

  18. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I agree. Matador is obviously juicing.

  19. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Great post... I read your doctrine on

    Looking forward your next post.

  20. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Yeah, fuckin awesome commentary lol.

  21. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Funny shit!! love the candor.

    "If out of all the people on Earth you want to meet someone who can help you get laid more, your priorities are far out of whack and you probably come off desperate to most women."

    - I don't agree with this. For most people who are starting out in the community, a top Pua's skillset is something to die for. I am sure there are lots of people out there wanting to meet you. It just means that they are focused on this area of their life at this point and they want to get to the best resource available/marketed to them.

  22. Love your no-holds barred approach to the show. I'm glad someone is being honest about their reactions to the show. I agree that Alex was probably the best candidate for elimination at this point, but don't you think it's a bit unfair to eliminate him before he even gets any least for the viewer's benefit??

  23. Anonymous9:10 PM

    The pickup artist show i found detrimental and annoying.


  24. Mate,

    You are absolutely hilarious.

    Love what you give out man.

    Totally accurate.

  25. Dude, this is a really funny post. I like the way you're unabashedly bashing on the show and the PUA's.

  26. Anonymous11:16 PM

    This is a titanic article as they all are. I bring into the world been wondering less this as some culture now. Its gigantic to note down this info. You are fete and balanced.

  27. well if you're so good sinn, why aren't you on the show? eh?
    no need for the hate bro, you follow mystery method, yet you diss the creator? logic is flawless bra ;)