Saturday, October 11, 2008

Escalation Video

Hey guys,

Wanted to drop you a link to my latest free gift for you!

This one is a video on Escalating the interaction, because as we all know if you're not escalating you're not getting anywhere!

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The next free gift I have for ya is coming Monday and it's an interactive doozie.

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  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    That was really helpful!!
    In the past I've always just used qualifying and touching to escalate the interaction and it worked but it wasn't that effective.
    I will now try to throw ambiguity, prepping, sexual frames and all that stuff into the mix.

  2. This was an awesome post, even more awesome than usual. I watch all your videos/emails. I don't remember a specific post/audio product on 'running out of things to say', could you post that link here?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    wow! we met once in 2006 and i'm really amazed how positively and content you come across in that video of yours. you definitely put some work in there! well done mate!



  4. Was this it?

  5. Was this it?

  6. Anonymous12:42 PM


    if you go to the page where you can download the "Game Acceleration Doctrine", you will find a link there with the audio you are looking for.


  7. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Once again, $.

    Guys don't give out enough IOIs. Captain Jack said it best when he said the best you can feel is when a member of the opposite sex wants to have sex with you... so why not do it? ;)

  8. This is kind of something I was looking for. Thanks man!


  9. Anonymous1:55 AM

    thxs for this and especially for the fact that u gave exemples and not talk only theory.

  10. Great video Sinn. Made me think a lot.

    Couple of things;

    :22 seconds you state that guys are getting attraction.

    I think guys are getting curiousity and openness
    to attraction. But, not attraction. To me, if a girl is attracted she starts to do a LOT of the work, and I don't believe these guys(and me), are getting attraction.

    I think back to my last failed ( again ) date. and she was initially, shooting IOI's. That's Indicators of 'interest'....not necessarily indicators of 'attraction'. Big difference to me.

    What they mean to me is her subcomming, "ok, I like you,
    and I'm leaving the door open and giving you an opportunity
    to seduce me", hair flicking is like her saying "ok,
    I'm listening. keep going. you're doing fine keep going"
    BUT, It's NOT attraction,( to me anyways.) When a girl is attracted
    to me, she starts to talk a lot. Or something. There's a lot
    of her energy coming my way.....lets put it that way.

    4:17 you state, "you can't bait if the girl is not hooking"

    Yea, exactly. and then you said if the girl isn't hooking

    you:"you seem independant"
    her:" no, I'm not actually"

    you have to go back to attraction.

    But, I'm thinking, I never actually had attraction, I had interest yea, so, where am I going back to? being funny and witty? will that do it, I actually don't know. How would I know? I know with some dates, I've been funny and witty...and guess what. they got free conversation and I got nothing?! Am I sooo disqualified that I'm like a 400lb dude being funny and witty. You know for a damn fact, that that guy is NOT going to get laid by a hottie. The chicks LOOOOVE him.
    But. they won't sleep with him.

    So. I'm not sure if separating escalation and attraction is right.
    I think You CAN escalate if she is attracted. You may not be able to
    if she's only interested. Actually I'll go further and state you'll probably blow yourself out if you only have interest and you try to sexually escalate, because, if you're disqualified in some way, you'll get the "eeeewww" response.

    SO, my point is. I don't think these guys ( and me ) *really* have
    attraction. I think we have interest and that's it.


  11. Anonymous12:06 PM

    FOG. What you say makes some sense but in essence you're just doubting yourself. You need to convince yourself that interest is the beginning of attraction. You're not escalating enough because you're waiting for those green lights you've mentioned. Run the yellow once in a while, you're not gonna get a ticket.

  12. Here's my interpretation of the "escalatin video" by Sinn.

    Escalation is very important because it basically sets your apart from just being friends. Therefore you must always bait for escalation. The first way to bait for escalation is by saying things ambiguously. When you misinterpret what she’s saying you make her wonder whether what she said came across sexually, and because of that you enable her to start thinking sexually. The second way is by prepping, what this means is that you say things to let her know your intentions so she knows what she can expect if she keeps talking to you. I think this is basically the same as making statements of intent because you let her know what you want to do with her. Being honest about your intentions shows her you’re honest and that you’ve got balls. The key to this is to physically escalate while verbally pushing her away, or by physically pushing her away while verbally escalating. The third way to escalate is by setting sexual frames, which are used to bring out certain sub personalities that allow her to go along with your advances. It’s important to always make sure that the frame you use is a positive female stereotype. The three most important sexual frames are: one that she’s sexually aggressive, two that you’re non-judgemental, and three that you’re discrete. When these frames underlie the conversation you allow her to behave however she wants to without having to worry about being judged about it by society. That takes a lot of pressure of her shoulders and enables her to just relax and enjoy the experience. Women like sex just as much as men do, they just don’t want others to know about their sexual activities because they’ll probably be judged about it, while guys earn bragging rights. That’s also another reason why you shouldn’t act as if sex is a big deal, because if it’s such a big deal to you, you’re probably going to talk about it to a lot of people.

  13. Anonymous5:01 PM

    amazing... sinn you are simply the best, hands down..