Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Game Acceleration Madness!!!!

Hey guys,

So since I posted yesterday over 3500 people have downloaded The Game Acceleration Doctrine!

Plus I've gotten over 100 emails begging for details about this coaching program I have coming up. I even started getting angry emails from several other pick up instructors complaining about how I'm giving everything away for free...

The funny part is, I'm just getting started. I'll have another great FREE gift for you guys tomorrow, but you have to sign up for The Game Acceleration list NOW!

You can sign up by going Here

Make sure you sign up today, because tomorrow's gift is AWESOME!!!!

For everyone who's already downloaded it, thanks for making Game Acceleration a big success. Also feel free to distribute that document to your heart's content. The more people see it, the more it can help guys struggling.

Talk to ya soon,




  1. Xibalba10:30 AM

    3500 downloads and just one comment...this one!

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Thanks alot for the info Sinn. What's the gift? Give us a hint at least.

  3. Sinn,

    I was at work when I downloaded this and I couldn't put it down. Your insight into why certain methods work and why they do or don't seems right on from my experience.

    Your approach to this with the analysis and goals is great. My analytical nature agrees with how you've further broken things down.

    I'm glad to have read this and will be recommending this to people.

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Thanks for the file and also give us details about where are you gonna start the coaching and at what cost etc.


  5. This doctrine is FUCKING gold, it adressed all the problems ive been having as a pua. Imma make sure to put all ur advice to use immediatley. thanks Sinn ur a fucking Saint. Also I heard Sinn can shoot bolts of lightning and has laser vision, it has to be true.


  6. Sinn,

    in your Game Acceleration Doctrine you say that recognizing patterns is a very important skill to master the game, and that you have it. "Learning to recognize patterns in social interaction is one of the most basic skills to getting better with women and socializing." How can I develop it?