Friday, October 03, 2008

The Pick Up Artist Forum.

Hey guys,

I've been made a featured poster over at the Pick Up Artist Forum along with guys like AFC Adam, Gambler and Sean Messenger. There's a lot of instructors and qualified guys posting, so check it out.




  1. Cool Site, Congrats dude.

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

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  3. Sinn, I know you recommend escalating to the max and pushing the boundaries to find out what you can get away with and what you can't when it comes to women. I realize that works great for bar-hoppers and people who always talk to total strangers, because if they make a bad impression because they went Dane Cook on a girl, they don't have to worry. They'll probably never see her again, and even if they do, they can blame their vulgar behavior on their inebriation, but what do you recommend for people who are in small universities and see the same people on a daily basis? If I am always saying things in public like "right now I'd just like to bend you over this pool table and screw you" (statement of intent), I'll get a bad rep and it will spread through gossip to the effect that every girl will see me as a sex-crazed pervert or desperate to get laid. Even harmless flirting can backfire. I mean, I negged a girl once, and I wasn't even close to out of line (just harmlessly teasing her because she couldn't throw a frisbee, very tame compared to what you recommend) when another girl who was her friend overreacted, and I ended up insulting and making enemies of her (the friend). She was a bitch, so I don't really care, but if I am always pushing the boundaries with girls who know me and/or know most of my friends, sooner or later I'm going to get a reputation as a jerk and I'll lose a lot of the friends I've made. How do you recommend I avoid that? If I always listen to my horse sense, I'll take the path of least resistance and avoid escalation, but if I test the boundaries and risk being offensive, I also risk ostracising my friends whom I've known for several years who will think that this is the true me. Any thoughts?

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