Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Game Acceleration Update!

Hey guys,

Things have been crazy since the release of The Game Acceleration Doctrine!

Thousands of people have downloaded it, it's been THE topic of discussion on all the message boards, and guys are emailing me every 10 minutes, clamoring for details on my upcoming coaching program...

Today, I've got some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that you'll have to wait a little bit longer for the details of the coaching program. Sorry.

The good news is I've got an awesome gift for you, for being so patient!

Awhile ago I polled over 100 students about their sticking points. I wrote about some of them(like approach anxiety) in The Game Acceleration Doctrine, and I'm going to be giving you guys the solutions to the most common sticking points over the next few weeks.

One of the biggest sticking point guys had, was running out of things to say. Nothing will ruin your interactions with women faster than awkward silences! Luckily I have a bunch of great tactics and techniques for keeping the conversation going, and I share a ton of them with you in this new free audio.

But the only way to get this audio is to sign up for The Game Acceleration Doctrine list. You can sign up Here

If you guys have comments on the audio be sure to leave them here.




  1. you could also save a text message on your phone with the names of your favourite routines. then when you run out of things to say, all you have to do is pretend that you got a text and pick one of your favourite stories.

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I liked the audio a lot, very cool.
    Sinn, if you could give more info about when the LR book is coming out that would be great.


  3. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Hey Sinn,

    I had the privilege of attending a MM bootcamp in LA Aug 2007 that you ran (along with Future) and I must say you are the real deal! You have an amazing ability to explain things better than anyone I've met, ie. Game Acceleration Doctrine. I look forward to learning even more from you. Much success to you!


  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I second that...Can we get any small sliver of information on the LR book?

  5. Loved it! Real new and clarifying info. I'd have to search in 10 books to find all I got there.

    All good for you buddy!

  6. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Thanks for the great info Sinn. Keep up the good work. How much is the coaching program gonna cost?

  7. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Sinn, why is the audio file in such a strange format?

  8. Anonymous7:10 AM

    wtf?i sig in...confirmed..where s the audio?

  9. Anonymous7:15 AM

    sorry..second mail come with audoi bad

  10. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Guys, you can open the audio with the Windows Media Classic, a lil .exe you can find in any downloads site.

  11. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Good audio.

    Caveat though...

    I had just come back from a two hour date when I heard it.

    I carried the whole conversation with everything you stated in your audio....I can talk bro.

    Being witty, funny, telling a good story, dhving, teasing...doesn't gaurantee attraction. I didn't get any attraction, and I can do all those things.

    IF you have attraction, then, I'd implement what's in the audio.

    If you don't know you have attraction, I'm not sure why one would bother continuing.

    "blow me or blow me off" as Brad P says.

  12. Anonymous7:18 PM

    "Blow me or blow me out" is one of the best pieces of advice ever. That comment was awesome, really thought about that. See! Even reading comments is awesome.

  13. Where did the link to the audio go?

  14. Anonymous5:52 AM

    hey sinn!

    congratulations for being the most value giving and talented dating coach out there. it's an amazing give away and it's a great appetizer for upcoming products!

    i remember your 5 girl plan from august and i'm curious since then what your relationship action plan looks like you were mentioning...

    could you elaborate a little on that?

    thanks a lot & keep it coming!


  15. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Sinn have you seen Matador's new outfit? I've heard he is going to wear that in the show.

    Btw when are we going to be able to buy your lr book??

  16. Thanks for the free book. I'm only 4 months in the game and frustrated but I'm gonna use this as a blueprint to redo everything (along with a BC I'm taking with Doc Holliday/Entropy here in LA at the end of the month).

    I posted the link up on my lair as well so other guys wont miss out!

    Thanks again for really caring!


  17. Summerized Notes
    Social Anxiety
    Key to beating it is expecting it and having a easy to execute plan to deal with it.

    Approaching can only be boring or fun.
    - When it's boring I can leave. If it goes then it's fun.

    Accept approach anxiety "Yep, I have approach anxiety"
    - By accepting, the power gets stripped. By resisting, it gets stronger.

    Think of how amazing it would be to hold her against myself.
    - Imagine lips, noises (feeling). Instead of reasons.

    Shift focus outward (when in your head) and then directly approach afterwards.
    - Focus on any inanimate object and become fixated by it. Imagine being that object.

    Light switch (is she hot?).
    - Yes = approach. No = forget about her and move on.

    Train 6 weeks or so and it will seem weird not to approach.

    Do three warm up approaches by complimenting.

    Make a list of places where I want to meet women and just go observe there to become more comfortable.

    Take two or three deep breaths.

    Make sure that after you decide you directly start walking. This is most difficult.

    Approach the must difficult seeming group so the rest doesn't seem scary anymore.

    Nothing is better for getting over than getting blown out. The more difficult the approach, the greater, the chance of the blowout.
    Feel + surviving that fear equals confidence.

    1. Apply one of the more mental reframes.
    - Remind yourself that approaching can only ever be FUN or BORING.
    - Ask yourself "How can I make this more fun?"
    2. Take some form of action at the same time.
    - While reframing things you should be walking, complimenting and taking deep breaths.

    Social Anxiety

    1. Inexperience with women
    * Younger girls give last minute resistance because of inexperience.
    Two ways of education:
    - Book learning -> Check out "The Guide to Getting it On"
    - Hands on experience -> Get a girl for regular sex and push to experiment.

    2. Beliefs
    - Sex is normal and natural. Women enjoy sex more than men do.
    - "Sex and The City" helped a bit to go against the media.
    - Check out graphic female sexual fantasies: Nancy Friday's book "My Secret Garden".
    - Fix beliefs about yourself "because I am not..."

    First step to deal with them is recognize them.
    - Take a few minutes to write down five unhelpful beliefs about women, sex or yourself.
    - After that write down ffive beliefs which are the diametric opposite.
    - Now start looking for evidence to support these new beliefs. (Use the Reticular Activation System)

    3. Success barriers and deservingness issues
    - Maxwell Maltz's tackles this subject in depth in the book "Psycho-Cybernetics"
    - Self image governs everything you do.
    - Success barriers happen when the success that you are getting in real life is more than you think you deserve.
    - Because subconsiously you will be trying to get rid of incongruence you have to come up with reasons why you deserve.
    -> List 10 reasons why a woman would be lucky to be with you. Check back on this list daily.
    -> List 10 things you don't like about yourself. Then set up small daily goals to work on this stuff.
    - Do this because the brain needs to see consistent progress.

    The path to becoming "Normal"

    Step 1: Fashion, and grooming.
    - Sexy haircut (and other hair to care of)
    - Breath (get smint or gum)
    - Scent

    Step 2: Body language
    - Imagine a invisible string connected to the both your head and your chest yanking up as high and straight as possible.
    - Identifying and fixing all nervous ticks and gestures. (have a friend tape you)
    - The person who moves less has most social power.
    - Take up space or you will look closed off.
    - Take up too much space and you will look trying hard.
    - The more relaxed and comfortable you look the better your body language will be.

    Step 2: Tonality
    - Speak from your diaphram instead of your throat.
    - Figure out what it feels like (place finger between stomach and chest and take a deep breath).
    - Speak on exhale; it will make you much louder.
    - Aim voice at least one person behind who you are speaking to (to ensure everyone can hear you speaking).
    - Slow down the speed at which you talk by slowing down 50% and then another 50% (feels strange makes people understand you much easier).
    - Eliminate fillers like ums, ahhs, etc. Instead pause.
    - Work on the actual quality, we want to work on cultivation a voice that is smooth and soothering to the ear.
    - To do this, record yourself speaking for 3-5 minutes straight. Find a passage or paragraph and read it into the recorder trying to change your voice.
    - You want to have a deeper, more sulty sounding voice. You should speak in the most extreme deep voice you can produce.

    Step 2: Eye contact
    - Hold it until the other person breaks it.
    - Avoid looking down.
    - In groups spreak throughout the whole group as opposed to just one person.

    Step 3: Comfortable Conversational Skills
    - Biggest problem is lack of practice.
    - You have to interact with coworkers, baristas, waiters, passengers on public transportation, etc.
    1. Don't ask questions, make statements.
    2. Use check ins to make sure people are paying attention. ("you know what I'm saying?", "right?")
    3. Observe the basic conversational ratio for the first 3-5 minutes. Remember the 90/10 rule. That way the burden of keeping it fun and interesting is on you.
    4. Don't be afraid to share things about yourself, especially if they are interesting.
    5. Because of that if someone helps us, we are more likely to help them. The same goes for sharing.
    6. Use sensory information and details. Men: Who, what, where and why. Women: Saw, heard, touched, tasted, smelled and felt.
    7. Use multiple conversational threads. Like you do with friends, you never discuss one topic all the time. Focus on the most interesting.
    8. Don't argue.
    9. Avoid awkward silences. Saying something is better than nothing. Ask a question.
    10. Make sure that everything you are talking about is situationally relevant.
    11. Don't brag, or exaggerate to make yourself seem cool. The harder you try the worse it makes you look. Use unanswered questions. "I'm totally in the wrong business because I hate to fly."

    The Secret to Consistent Improvement
    Game Improvement Plan:
    1. The purpose of your Game Plan is to get you laid consistently by the type of women you want.
    2. You can't go out with the purpose of getting laid.
    3. Every action should be judget on its overall [GLOBAL] purpose rather than its immediate effect.

    Sticking Point Analysis (When it's not getting what you want focus on)
    1. What to change
    2. To what to change to
    3. How to cause the change.

    Step 1. Identify your Sticking Points
    - Stop focussing on getting laid and focus on fixing the sticking points.
    Step 2. Decide How to Fix the Sticking Point (SP)
    - Pick one way to fix it and commit to 10 tries with that solution.
    Step 3: Subordinate your Game Plan to the above decision.
    - Redesign your Game Plan to implement the fix for that SP.
    Step 4: Elevate the Sticking Point.
    - Go out and hunt for opportunities to break the SP.
    Step 5: This is a continuous process. Go back to step 1.
    - Work on 3 SP's per night because not every set will present you one.

    Information overload and the Paralysis of analysis
    - The more you have in your brain, the more tempted you will be to go into your head when you're talking to girls.
    - Small chunking = taking breaking all of the information you take in, into small actionable steps that you can work on in the field.
    - There is really a physical sensation when putting yourself into the social pressure.
    - This sensation firing is similar to physical pain in terms of the effect it has on the body. It can make it very hard to remember anything.
    - Taking too much information is that it can leave you paralyzed as you try to figure out what the best possible way to approach is.
    - It's crucial that you take in information only from high quality sources.
    Determine quality:
    1. Can the person giving advice demonstrate this correct in the environment?
    2. Are OTHER people having success with the person's advice?
    3. Does the guru offer a money back guarantee?
    - The dirty secret in the community is that there is no magic bullet.
    - Recognize there is a learning process to pickup.
    - Everytime you break through a sticking point another one will arise.
    - There is no finish line.
    - You will be dealing with women and relationships for the rest of your life.
    By recognising that you will never be finished with your learning in the game, we gain a huge amount of freedom.

    Questions to get started the right way
    - It's never too late to get back on the right track.
    - The key to getting on the correct path for learning, is asking yourself the right questions.
    The following questions are key to your development as they allow you to find a proper baseline for your game.
    1. How long have you been in the community?
    2. What products have you tried in field?
    3. Describe a usual night out, how many sets do you open, what do you open with etc..
    4. What problems do you encounter in set?
    5. How do your sets usually end?

    The difference between correlation and causation
    - Missing piece of information is why it works.
    - Figure out the why and if it's right for you.

    The 2 most important factors for learning
    - George Leonard's brilliant book "Mastery"
    - Three types of learners: the dabbler, the obsessive and the hacker.
    * You need to come from a baseline of being a normal socially adjusted guy before you start with pickup.
    * You have to get rid of or at least manage both social and sexual anxiety.
    * Game Improvement Plan based on Sticking Points Analysis
    * Information Overload
    * The Differences between Correlation and Causation.
    * Type of Learner

    Setting Realistic Goals for Long Term Success
    - A goal is specific, targeted, realistic and archievable within a certain amount of time.
    - First step is establishing where you are now or your baseline.

    What is YOUR ultimate goal for pick up?
    - There is tremendous power in writing things down as it makes you accountable for your actions.
    - Write it all down and work backwards.
    - Set short, medium and long term goals.
    - Short term goals should last no longer than two weeks.
    -> Try makeout week (try makeout every girl they approach regardless of the circumstances to learn intuition).
    - Medium goals usually will be goals that should take between 1 and 3 months to accomplish.
    -> Anything from getting your first same night lay, to getting building a routine stack.
    - Lastly long term goals are anything that will take over 3 months to archieve.
    -> Threesomes, finding a great girlfriend, etc.
    - When you only set your ultimate goal you simply focus on that and ignore the short and medium goals thus getting little or no progress towards their goal.

  18. KillSwitch1:49 PM

    Hey man, I just finished reading "Game Acceleration" and i have to say, the part that I agree most with is the whole peacocking section...great job man