Friday, October 24, 2008

7 Steps To Pickup Mastery Update!


The Game Acceleration Tele-Seminar Last night was amazing! If you made the call you got to hear in great detail the 7-steps to becoming a master-level pick-up artist in 12 months or less.

You got to hear about the EXACT system that it took me five long years to develop. The system that I used to help guys like El Topo, Future, and many of my long-term coaching clients get to a master level in less than a year.

At the end of the call, I announced the Sinns of Attraction 12 Months to Mastery Coaching Program, a 12 month program that combines tons of personal one-on-one coaching with me with extensive LIVE trainings.

Because of the unprecedented amounts of personal access I'm giving in the program, I have to strictly limit its capacity to 25 committed guys.

A lot of guys have asked me whether the conference call is going to be replayed. The answer is no. I said this was a one-time only call and I'm going to stick to my word on that.


I did get a ton of emails from guys anxious to get into the coaching program who weren't able to get on the call for a variety reasons.

Because I'm looking to create a great group of committed guys and don't want to penalize you too much if you had a valid reason for missing the call, I'm going to open the application process for the next 48 hours to EVERYONE.

Here is what you will get if you are accepted into the Program:

- Access to the 12 Month Sinns of Attraction Curriculum: This Curriculum is divided into 12 modules and teaches you EVERYTHING you need to master this area of your life, including all my latest systems and techniques on attraction, qualification, same night lays, gaming 9 and 10s, relationship management, day game and too many other things to list.

- 52 Weekly lessons delivered via email and snail mail

- Two 30-60 minute video broadcasts per month

- One 60-minute GROUP coaching call a month

- TWO full-scale 3-day Bootcamps (limited to 12 people) lead personally by me ( The first will take place in January).

- One end of the year Mastermind Training Summit (this is going to be a three-day intensive training event where I'm only going to be teaching ultra ultra advanced stuff like harem management, threesomes, 15-minute pulls, etc)

- One 45-minute one on one PRIVATE call with me EVERY month

- UNLIMITED email access to me for a year

- Access to the members only Sinns of Attraction Mastermind Forum

- The Chance to travel the world with me as a Sinns of Attraction Instructor

The 25 guys who get into this program are going to get unprecedented personal access to me for an entire year both live and through a multi-media curriculum.
This program has an actual, documented value of well over $22,500. But until Midnight, this Sunday October 26, 2008 you can get everything above for only $397 per month. Or you can pay in full and get a special book keeping discount for the low price of $4,250.

This is a 12-month commitment.The reason why I'm pricing this so low is because I'm looking to create an elite group of committed guys and I want to make this program accessible so anyone who really wants in has the chance to apply.

If you want to apply, go to


Put in your deposit and download your application. This is very important!!! Because our merchant account is brand new and we got 16 guys signed up yesterday, our account got frozen. So there are only 9 spaces left, BUT YOU HAVE TO RESERVE THEM USING THE PAYPAL OPTION!!! If you sign up by credit card, your application will NOT be processed.

If you are not accepted into the program, you will be notified and your deposit will be refunded to you within 24 hours.



P.S. This program truly is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to learn one on one with a master for an entire year. You don't want to miss out. Go to now to apply!


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Wow, this is amazing

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    yeh lets sign up NOW!! SPACE IS LIMITED!!!

  3. Anonymous12:11 AM

    I know this is old but do you have an MP3 of The Game Acceleration Tele-Seminar?