Monday, October 06, 2008

The Game Acceleration Doctrine is Here!!!!

Hey guys,

It gives me great pleasure to present you guys with The Game Acceleration Doctrine.

This document is the first step in my plan to help make sure that everyone who gets into this will get the results they want!

You can download The Game Acceleration Doctrine


It is strongly recommended that you print out a hard copy of it
right away and read through it with with a highlighter.
There's ALOT of information in there and I don't want you to miss

That's enough for now. Be sure to to leave your comments on the blog.
I really want to hear what's on your mind:

talk to you soon,


P.S. In the next couple of weeks, I"m going to be releasing ALOT more
content by way of reports, videos, and audio. So watch your email box
for the latest updates.

P.P.S. If you have any friends that you think will benefit from the
information in the Game Acceleration Doctrine, you can spread the
word by going here:




  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    This is really really great stuff, man. Thanks a lot! You rock!

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Gold Sinn Gold


  3. PUA! at the Disco12:38 PM

    Sinn you are the best!

    Thank you. :)

  4. Wow. I wish this document was around when I got started in game. Definitely would have sped up my learning process.

    The more and more I meet new lair guys, studing in different schools, the more and more I believe that some guys just get lucky in that they find a dojo and sensei that matches them. Whose system is congruent with who the individual is.

    I think that this work is somewhat of a foundation that is school independant. Reading and implementing this will work no matter what books/products someone reads.

    I think that this "elusive obvious truth" is what most companies out there are not willing to admit. In my experience browsing various forums, and reading stuff out there. Everyone teaches the same things, but just focuses on different aspects of gaming which they think are the most important.

    To me, a lot of what I value in Tyler and Sinn is that they are really the only two out there focusing on the LEARNING aspect of it. How learning to learn will help someone immensely regardless of what dojo they train in.

    Rambling over. Thanks, for this. I hope it changes many lives, my own included.

  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    i promise i'll follow it and try more kj:(

  6. Hey Sinn, i just finished reading the book. I agree with the majority of things you say, especially regarding the seduction community. Things like the air of superiority, calling AFC, and things like theories about what to do and how to do it, that were said to be true, and now turn out not to. The thing is a lot of people, specially puas, in this community are unneducated (or if they are, they thing seduction is above truth, and believe in the puas as people believe in the bible, they don't study logic, or science. They don't even know what is necessary for something to be proven true. They don't know the meaning of the word "theory" and the difference between "theory" and "fact". And then there's this bunch of false statements, and things that should work, but don't, or just work for the person who created the method, and lots of people get caught in it thinking it is true and end up looking weird or getting no results like the case of N. It is really said, and i'm glad you looked at it in that perspective, maybe we finally get to see REAL science on all this. I take the opportunity to recommend the reading of Logic Fallacies: ; . If people on the community could look at the amount of logical fallacies they put in each theory, it would surely reduce the oversized quantity of useless theories around there. And also look for "scientific method" because that is the way to prove or disprove something. Not the unneducated way people do in the community. Thats all. Thanks a lot for the book. Write more like this one ;) It was good.

  7. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I'm grateful!

    Cheers bro!!!

  8. Great job on this! This should be required reading for anyone starting out in The Game - or anyone still looking to achieve their pick up goals.

  9. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Hey Sinn, thanks for the book. I am a student of Tenmagnet and recently discovered your blog. If you're responsible for teaching Tenmagnet, then you must be worth listening to.

    This book makes sense to me and I will use the suggestions. I have been going out lately without a plan, and you made me realize that without a plan or goals, I can't make progress. Your editor needs to be kicked in the balls though as this needs to be cleaned up a bit.

    Looking forward to having you in beautiful British Columbia, The Owner.

  10. I though I mastered the basics but noo way!! I had a couple of new relizations...AWESOME! MASTERPIECE!!

    PS>>as mentioned in your book (pg 46) It would be cool to hear more about your thoughts on

    teasing mix with kino escalation

  11. Paradox4:37 PM

    I am now very enlightened about the community and pickup. Its not just lines and wearing outlandish things that get girls.

    The main concept I got out of this Research is persistence.

    No magic pill is available for us to achieve our inner desires. Life is supposed to be focused on improving yourself to the best you can possibly be forever.

    We are lucky that a human like this is willing to go through several years of torture to help others. What a man.

    Thanks Sinn, can't wait to here about the the yearlong program you have in store.

  12. sinn,

    your grasp of the game is incredible. it is nice to see someone slice it the right way. the basics of how to learn and keep learning is something most instructors forget to teach or not emphasize enough. would like to see exactly what this coaching program is all about

  13. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Hi Sinn, great posting and I have TWO QUESTIONS:

    1) At the beginning of the text you mention the "most important factor that students never take to heart." Later you failed to explain it, so what is it?

    2) What is the 3/12 system you talk about in the training logs?

    Thanks and keep it coming!

  14. I've always been impressed with your ability to be completely honest and and your commitment to be systematic. These really shine through and give your latest paper its strength. Thanks for the clarity.

    Aside: a couple of the typos were distracting but of course do not affect the quality of the content.

  15. bfpsu8:59 PM

    Thanks sooo much for providing this info.

  16. Hey John

    I'll be releasing a 10 minute clip of your speech on youtube late next week. Feel free to post it up.

    Also shoot me an e-mail with contact/mailing info if you want your footage in the coming weeks.

    rock on bro


  17. Better than any products that are selling elsewhere!
    Somemore it's FREE!

    You really give your best to us..


  18. Anonymous1:21 AM

    I agree to most things in that book. Interesting you give it out for free. What are you up to? Premium Coaching I guess. :)

    S., Munich.

  19. ok enuf with the kiss ass fan boys, i have nothing but respect 4 u Sinn, but there's nothing in that, apart from the "being normal" stuff. Ive studied urself, CJ, Mehow +ET in depth, + I hav to say only Mehow+CJ hav actually helped me. Why? because they give clear, no bullshit algorithms that can be summarized in 1/2 a page + put to use THAT NIGHT, not 60 pages of fluff.

    e.g. Mehow -> open group, FTC, group kino, takeaway, qualify, chase cycling - boom, he tells how to open+isolate efficiently in ONE LINE.

    CJ - S Fields, rings, heartmelter story, questions game, close.

    ok, maybe im too algorithmic, + maybe i do believe in magic bullets (for me CJ's stuff reallY is), but Im just
    telling u what works for me, as there's probably plenty of other guys out there who feel the same + may not book one on ones with u after reading your manual.

    The kind of nuts+bolts questions I would have like to have seen answered in the book would be:

    (i) how do manage to kino escalate so fast+fluently - ive seen u do it, + it's mind blowing.
    (ii) Lets say ur running ur Hollywood game. It's v easy to get strong attraction, but how wud u typcially convert that into isolation efficiently, especially for guys who may struggle to improvise with banter.
    (iii) How to deal with a bad start e.g. girl who is crossing her arms, doesnt bit on the opener.

    Anyhoo rant over, dont mean to sound like an asshole, ive actually ordered ur video footage with Mehow's company, + Im very much looking fwd to it.

  20. PS
    a while ago u posted a video blog where u said that being FUN and SOCIALLY DOMINANT were key to attraction. That for me was Sinn teaching at it's best, it's succinct, it's something which we all needed reminding of, + sth that motivates u to go out + game right there + then even on a Monday night.

  21. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Sinn, you are great. Thank you for delivering such awesome value!


  22. Anonymous6:41 AM

    needs a proof reader.

  23. Sonyboy7:29 AM

    I'll just leave you a very special quote:

    Please, sir, I want some more.

    Nothing more to say.

  24. Amzah8:08 AM

    Hey Sinn, great document, I will read it again and again to get the most of it. Recently I joined a bootcamp of your friend Adam Lyons. It was awesome and I forwarded this document to all the guys who joined.


  25. CaptinAmerica8:22 AM

    AWESOME SINN! thank a bunch man. i shouldn't have downloaded this at work becuase i can't put it down!


  26. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Great stuff. Love it.

    There is a long way I still have to go. But I am so motivated now.

    And thanks for your great LRs.

    Keep it coming.

    And more infield videos would be great : )

  27. Anonymous7:57 PM


    Reminds me of how Seth Godin gave away his E-book for free. It became the most read e-book of all time.

    I wish you that kind of success!!!

  28. @Toni D Farmer: well if you want to be a robot PUA, thats the way to go :D you'll be all your life searching for a gold pot of happiness that you'll never find, because whats valuable is the process in itself and not the end. So imo, its much better to deal with the basics like Sinn did in the book, and not some ridiculous desensitizing robotifying algorythms like those you mentioned. cya

  29. Awesome content. The only thing I'd add are more details on the Become Your Own Pickup Guru course, right in the PDF file. You clearly have lots of people interested... but people may forget between now and the launch date, if you have to send follow-up message(s) later on.

    Sexual Power Tools

  30. Sinn,
    This was a decent guide. Though most of the stuff has been said before, you put it in an easy to understand way. The "being normal" part was a highlight, and the three types of learners you mentioned is interesting.

    However, I think your assessment of Speed Seduction is very unfair.
    First off, if you live in LA...have you really never met Swingcat, David DeAngelo, John Vetterling, Chris Fischer, Vince Kelvin, J-Dog, David Shade, Mankite, or Baddog?
    You will meet the latter two when you join Masterminds, so I'm looking forward to your debates.
    All these people have claimed massive success with SS, though some of them have gone on to their own systems. This is most likely because Ross doesn't share and doesn't hire instructors.
    Even Neil claimed some success with SS in The Game- he just got freaked out with it because he mistook the purpose for a demo as "trying to cop a feel" instead of "getting a girl turned on."
    I really don't get my rocks of tracing lines on a girl's arm, but the girls sure enjoy it!

    Second of all, you mention that relating experiences with sensory rich descriptions using VAKOG gets women hot. This is Speed Seduction 1.0 from 1990 in a nutshell. I also heard about fingering your solar plexus and visualizing strings from your head for tonality first from Ross. Also, small chunking was suggested by Ross a long time ago, and your approach anxiety fixes seem really close to what is recommended in SS.

    Now, I can understand your perspective. You've probably met alot of people who are frustrated with SS, because why else would they be coming to your bootcamp?
    It is a complicated system and some people just can't ever get up the nerve to even recite a pattern correctly.

    But what do you mean by verifiable? Do you need to have the camera follow the PUA into the bedroom to make sure he F closed?
    Because there are plenty of videos from Orion, Kamal, and Vince Kelvin that show approaches, attraction, and K-Closes and number closes...and there are are plenty of videos from Ross getting women hot in the classroom and several also of him in the field with various TV film crews.

    Now, it took me almost two years to get results with Ross's system. But once it clicked I ended a 6 plus year dry spell with 4 lays in about 2 months. I have always been very picky about looks, and three of these were the hottest women I'd ever been with...and one was my first "true love" who I'd lost my virginity to some 10 years earlier. I eneded up settling down with one of them- a personal trainer who I stayed with for 4 years.

    Now I'm back in the communitty, and after knocking the rust off am having great success again, so I'd love to sarge with you sometime so that you can see it in action. Sure, I AM a writer, my ex is a tantric yoga teacher, and my mother is an Ayur Vedic trainer, so I have the "theoretic congruency" you spoke of. But couldn't anyone say that they are a writer or that they study meditation?

    I think this post has been fair and I'm not attacking you, so I hope I don't get censored. Much respect if I don't.