Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Quick Favor...

Hey guys,

I'm getting a ton of emails about from guys who are LOVING The Game Acceleration Doctrine.

However I want to ask you guys one small favor.

Instead of emailing me and giving my manager a heart attack due to stress, can you guys please post your comments on the blog or any of the following forums:

The Attraction Forum

The Pick Up Artist Forum


If you guys post about the Doctrine on any of those places, I will personally answer any questions you have in the threads.



P.S. If you don't know what all the fuss is about yet, download The Game Acceleration Doctrine Here You'll be happy you did.


  1. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Stylelife?!? You can't possibly be declaring war on the guy who resembles a baby bird? LOL! You're the best!


  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I think the game acceleration doctrine shuld be a sticky on every forum

  3. Hey Sinn,

    I've been following yours and captainjack's blogs for a quite a while now and I believe you guys are the best teachers out there. I was thoroughly impressed with the Game Acceleration Doctrine, it's just what I've been wanting a "GURU" to say for about the last few months or so.
    I started reading about "The Game" shortly after the VH1 show, and I've read a lot of crap since then, luckily I have some common sense and I've been able to weed most of it out. I haven't been able to work on my game very much until recently because I didn't turn 21 until last month, but I have applied a lot of your theories and advice to my own life and overall perception of myself. Just this change in perception has caused me to build better social relationships and more importantly has shown me how to apply my own confidence into setting and meeting goals.
    Now that I have a lot of other important things out of the way (I just took the LSAT on Saturday), I intend to devote more time to going out and meeting women, not just sexually but hopefully as cool people I can socialize with regularly.
    The Doctrine is a breath of fresh air. It's efficient and makes a hell of a lot of sense. I can't wait for more.
    Thank you for all you've done so far and good luck with the new business, it should be a great success.


  4. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Can you give more details about the coaching program? If we're learning from you personally that'd be worth over 10k to me.

  5. Sinn,

    In The Game Acceleration Doctrine you write that having children is an advantage in pick up.
    Could you please explain how one could use having children to their advantage while picking up women?

  6. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Hey Sinn!

    I just want to write to say thank you. The game acceleration is awesome. Has to totally changed my game, i ran it on my 14 model girlfriends and they loved it. It took me a while to understand at first but it all came together in the middle. Anyway I have to go pick up my new ferrari from the dealership.



  7. Hey man,

    I'm sure you're getting 4 billion emails about this right now, but thanks for writing and releasing the Game Acceleration book for free. I downloaded it yesterday and read through it the first day. I think it's a very practical, no nonsense guide to getting good with women. I'm trying to scale back my absorption of pickup material. Like a lot of other people, when the scene first got big, I took every chance to read everything I could. Now I'm convinced that some stuff isn't for me, and reading it is something of a waste of time. You are one of the few guys I still look to for guidance, and it's because I feel you are very genuine about helping people (another guy is Brad P., who to me also seems like a great teacher and I hope you guys work together soon).

    A few months ago you also personally responded to an email I sent you about some problems I was having. I appreciated the response, and I thought you'd be happy to know the problem has significantly decreased. Getting personal feedback was awesome and somewhat unexpected.

    If you are still teaching next September when you do your month long stay in NYC, I might be interested in taking some coaching (that is, if I don't have it all figured out by then :-)) Thanks again for your help.


  8. Anonymous3:44 AM


    Could you please take a look at that? It's my questions regarding your new product.

    Thank you.