Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Student Success Story- First Lay in 20 years... Thanks To SOA Materials

Hey guys,

Saw a great review on the SOA (Forum) forum this morning and wanted to share it.

It's always great to help guys get their first success with women.

Here it is from Ace:
I finally lost my virginity after 20 years of being terrible with women. After reading the day game report as well as the video from the 21 convention I got my first lay.

I'm not sure if Sinn invented this material but all I did was a combination of qualification pinging and breaking rapport. Then I did phone game with call back humor and just acted normal. I even admitted that I was a virgin after 2 weeks of knowing her but she thought it was cute.

After 1 date I moved her from 2 different locations and then back to my place.

I cant stress how much this material has helped me, I had never even talked to a girl longer than 30 minutes before getting into this stuff. I had only used 2 routines, one that a friend taught me and the facebook opener.

When I got into this stuff, I didnt know that it would work. Thanks Sinn.



  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    link busto. awesome story! nice job ace and sinn.

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  3. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Great, and how old r u ? 20 ?

  4. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Hey Sinn, did you know that Future has returned to the community??

    Apparently he is doing bootcamps again.

    Anyway would be cool if you could get him on one of your podcasts.