Saturday, August 01, 2009

More Eminem, Mariah Carey stuff...

Ok, so apparently the song from yesterday ( which unfortunately would have been the 3rd best song on Relapse) was a response to the video for Mariah's new single Obsessed. Here's a link to the video as it wasn't letting me embed it here.

Obviously the guy with the goatee in the video is supposed to be Eminem and one of the producers says that the song is aimed at someone famous but wouldn't elaborate...

Now it's PROBABLY a publicity stunt for her upcoming album, but how dumb is it to beef with Eminem, it really is the only thing he currently does better than any other rapper. What did you expect?

And now Nick Cannon is quoting bible verses and talking about how this is chess not checkers. I think they should both just shut up.



  1. skYHigh12:47 PM

    I would have done the same thing.

    I mean... how cool is it to get dissed in a song by Eminem. It is like appearing on the Simpsons ;)

  2. Monstar1:02 PM

    The guy in the goatee is actually Maria Carrey dressed as a man.