Friday, August 14, 2009

Lessons Learned From Students Part 3 of 5- Future

Allright guys, it’s time for part 3 of Lessons Learned From Students.

This time we’re going to be examining what I learned in training Love Systems Instructor Future.

Future obviously has gone on to great success as a teacher in his own right, but when I met him he had a major problem with his upfront game, but had great comfort game. In fact he almost never got flakes. This was in direct contrast to most guys including Mystery. The secret was something that we backwards engineered and called Breakthrough Comfort.

It took a really long time to figure out, but about 6 months after coming up with the rough Breakthrough Comfort model, I had a month in LA where I slept with 16 different girls.

Then all hell broke out…

The problem with Breakthrough Comfort, was that while it generated a ton of comfort and connection it also set very strong relationship frames. So we always started the seminar with a lecture warning students not to use this technique with every girl. Unless they wanted an up close relationship with the local Pep Boys and Glass installation guys.

But I knew there was a way to reproduce the connection and lack of flaking from this type of comfort without the consequences.

It was a few months later in Dallas when I figured out what the secret to Breakthrough Comfort was, investment. By using Breakthrough Comfort and talking about how it was destiny that the two for you met, the woman invested in an assumed relationship. But there were other less intense forms of investment.

For example you could have a woman buy and bring over a sheet of break and bake cookies and you get her to invest her time and finances. By introducing her to other girls you have gamed that night you make her invest in getting your attention, by getting her to qualify herself in multiple different ways the girl invests.

Suddenly I started getting tons of phone numbers with no flakes. Furthermore when I combined it with my new followup and phone game structure, I didn’t get a single flake for almost 6 months. And I was going on 1 date a week minimum.

The ultimate test of what I learned from training Future was when I taught follow up and phone game to the guys in 12 Months To Mastery. The tracking sheets showed that when guys applied proper follow up ( Long term investment, prepping, roleplay closes, etc..) and phone game ( Message, timing, story-telling, emotional connection stuff,) their flaking went down a whopping 57%. That’s over half!!!! I I get the guys permission I’ll release some of the tracking sheets from back to back months that show the difference.

Allright that’s gonna wrap up what I learned from Future next time we’ll be talking about what I learned from another famous PUA the infamous EL Topo.

Til then,


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  1. dude breakthrough comfort sounds cool, i know your still doing the posts on the things you learned from students but I was wondering if you could write about it on a mailbag posting or something?



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    excelent stuff as usual

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