Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Jerry Seinfeld- One of TV's Most Successful Players

So Cam and I were talking the other day about Seinfeld for some reason, and I brought up something that NO ONE else ever seems to notice. Seinfeld had a lot of game in the show.

Basically every week he was dating a new fairly attractive ( for the 90s) woman.

In fact there are various episodes that focus on him picking up a girl. There's the episode when he meets a girl in an elevator, by telling her he was the guy who was responsible for all the crop circles. Or there's the time he meets a woman after she hits a parked car and doesn't leave a note.

Plus the women he dated were often known to be particularly attractive like the Calvin Klein model who thinks he picked his nose, or the Miss America contestant whose Doves he killed. I mean he also dated Elaine, but nobody is perfect :)

Cam brought up the point that the show is from Seinfeld's perspective, which is why he's got his real name and is a comedian in the show as well. But, they never really make it seem like Jerry is all that successful or well known. In fact no girls(or people) ever seem to know who he is from his comedy. The only times I can remember people bringing it up is when the old folks in Florida tell him he's terrible...

I just think it's funny that when most people think about TV characters that were shown to be good with women, it's always guys like the Fonz, or Joey from Friends, or that guy from Nip Tuck and Jerry never gets brought up, even though my guess is he was on screen with WAY more women than those other guys combined.



  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Totally agree. He also dated Terri Hatcher in the "are they real" episode (she alone is better than any woman The Fonz dated)...Jerry was a ladies man for sure...the only one that probably is close is the Charlie Sheen character in Two and 1/2 men...he gets some really hot babes from time to time...

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Another underrated TV player is Richard Dawson from his early years on Family Feud. Check out some old episodes. Within 30 seconds of meeting the women on the show he has either thrown out a few negs or professed his love to them. He kisses all of them and flirts with all of them right in front of the others, not to mention his baller suits.

  3. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Haha yeah Jerry is great. One of my favorite episodes is titled "The Opposite" where Jerry convinces George that since every decision he has made throughout his life has been the wrong decision, he should do the exact opposite. Instead of not talking to the next girl that looks at him, he approaches and gets with a hot (adjusted for 90's) woman.

    Although a character like George would not pick up a girl like that in real life without some major adjustments, there is somewhat of a ring of truth in the episode.

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I've been jacking off a lot and I was wondering how much is normal?

  5. Anonymous10:24 PM

    When are you interviewing CJ? My god his new insights are phenomenal. They explain why I haven't been gettin laid lately, which will be remedied. You need to interview this guy and see what you guys can come up with. You have a lot more experience it seems than CJ and are more willing to try out things and I feel you explain things easier... Idk he is onto something and would like to hear your opinion too! Later.

  6. Anonymous7:20 AM

    I agree about the CJ thing. I have recently joined his teleseminar program and he is really onto something. He seems to come from a position that a guy already has "value" rather than having to produce it "live" (via some kind of Neil Strauss carnival DHV trick) and you just plow from there with a routine, rings on fingers (he seems to really like that one), fields, timebridge,ect.

    I agree he is really onto something and I think in tandem with your recent findings this would be a very powerful interview.

  7. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Seinfeld tried to pull off the roommate switch and instead wound up with the opportunity for a threesome, and turned it down. Still a hilarious episode.



    I always HATED this show and
    Jerry, too. Does that make
    me AFC or a player?

  9. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Seinfeld is definitely a player. I think that the fact that he doesn't come off as a player really works to his advantage.

  10. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Let's not 4get about the girl who got gonorrhea from riding a tractor in her bathing suit =P

  11. i noticed the revolving door of women he met and dated, back then b/c i was younger, i just figured life was like that in more urban areas....in his real life tho', he was known to have dated a whoooole lot of celebrity babes....having at one time the most highly watched tv show and being a comedian often has that effect tho'.

  12. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Kramer is underrated as a PUA too. He gave the best tease to a librarian by asking "where can a guy get a library card?"

  13. (I believe this was because Jerry was the producer and got to choose the talent - but)

    He also had a young Courtney Cox, the nanny from Fraser (the virgin), and a bunch of other soon to famous hotter-than-him girls. Ny favorite pick-up line was at a party; he sidles up to a girl and says something like "You wouldn't know by looking at me... but I can run really fast."

  14. Anonymous10:21 AM

    if you watch the dvds they have a running count of the number of gfs of all 4 main stars, and the number of times kramer pops through the door lol. gets in hte hundreds.

    ive seen every episode... i think jerry consciously has his character get with a lot of women... one its interesting and two i think he knows about social proof or the boy band principle, if not by those names.

    i dont think you can say since a character gets with lots of women on a tv show he has game, but jerry defs has some game just looking at his behavior.

    i wonder tho irl if he had probs with friend zone nice guy syndrome and with not escalating. meh. he is marriedfag now anyway. great show