Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Podcast # 20

Hey guys,

Here's the link for this week's Podcast.

In it I discuss my 6 degrees of separation from 2 characters on a reality TV show, tell a party about going to a swingers party and give my top 10 tips for dealing with HOT girls.

Listen to it and become strong like Bear.

Podcast 20



  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Regarding Megan Wants a Millionaire, I swear one of them (Joe?) was the inspiration for Buster on Arrested Developments. Same mannerisms, same haircut, same weirdness...

  2. Martin1:39 PM

    The sextoy dave guy was also on both seasons of millionaire matchmaker where he was supposedly looking for a serious relationship. They showed his house and stripper pole and talked about his sextoy business. Yes I'm kind of ashamed to admit I've seen many episodes of this show.

  3. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Jon - I can barely hear this podcast. Can you turn the recording volume up next time? Also when I downloaded the link it cut off at the end when you were giving your "hot girl list" which I wanted to hear. I tried it a couple of times and it always cuts it off in the middle of it. Can you look into it or can you send this out in an email (just the hot girl list)? Thanks

  4. Vinnie3:43 PM

    Yeah I've seen Sex Toy Dave on The Millionaire Matchmaker. No shame here! Great show to see where you end up with money and NO game... he seemed cool.

  5. Big Dave4:36 PM

    I've downloaded all your podcasts,am listening to them at work, find them extremely amusing and helpful, and just watched a few Guido Beach clips on YouTube. we call those guys Chongos where I'm from. Too funny.

  6. Anonymous1:34 PM


    Love the no-worries, carefree vibe you give off - other gurus would approve.

    Tens...as Mystery said, sooooooo rare in Toronto - the only part of The Game that ringed true to me.

    I rolled with one last winter. Yep, that is how rare they are up here. A Natural Blond w/a Hally Barey (sp) looking chick hanging in there. They were given free everything and line-jumped. A promoter chased them down the street with compliments and special passes and wanted their contact info. You can imagine how on a cloud they seemed when they showed up.

    1. ALL tens seem to have gadgets and look at them constantly, typing away, fielding offers I assume. They look at the screen literally every 30 seconds, like it is their Scuba-diving AIR SUPPLY. Outrageous !! Even with their hot pals one foot away - who merely had a phone. Some tens have gadgets given by rich sugar-daddies who demand access to them 24-7. The gadget problem is mightier than the bribes and crazed club owners.

    2. Club owners are ALL OVER these women, doing, as Supreme says, hoe-chasin', like needy babies after the boob.

    3. Tough approach due to owners and the gadget-obsession. Had to come in via the pal.

    4. Group was given two free bottles of gray goose in an ice bucket. Club owner seemed desperate to work them/bribe them, maybe get them high and get 'in.'

    Sinn I notice you never read feedback to the poddy, cmoan!

    Have you seen The Party Animal, a classic desperado comedy, which women hate.


  7. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Great podcast bro. I'm guessing that you are moving to LA....

  8. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Sinn, yeah, the mp3 level is way too low to be dealt with - let us know when you get this technical problem dealt with.